1 hours after they are on the planeEdit

[Toshio is eating Pringles]

Toshio: "お母さんは、私たちが日本でどこにいる我々はに滞在している?" (Translation: Mom, where in Japan are we staying in?)

Satoko: "練馬区、東京" (Translation: Nerima, Tokyo)

[Toshio nods]

Toshio: "" (Translation: When I marry? Do I become a Shako)

Satoko: "" (Translation: Yes, we want this family to keep on going to the last 3000 years)

cut to:


Gloria: "Don't blame me, blame yourself. If you weren't stubborn or selfish, they would be here, and if you stopped reminding Satoko of what Japan did during the war, it would of have been much better for her time in the United States, which is a pro-Japanese nation, but you ruined it for her and Toshio."

cut to:

[Satoko deletes Garrett off her contacts on her iPhone]

[Toshio is playing with his Eevee and Flareon Pokedolls]

Satoko: "" (Translation: That man, will never see us again, we can do what we want, we will see our friends again, we will get the manor in Tokyo.)

2 hours after they are on the planeEdit

[Toshio is playing with his Plusle and Minun plushies]

Captain: (on microphone) "This is your captain speaking, we are now arriving in Nerima Airport in 1 hour."

3 hours after they are on the planeEdit

Captain: "We have now arrived in Nerima, Tokyo."

[The passengers get off the plane]

Renting a HotelEdit

[Toshio and Satoko arrive at a hotel]

Arrivig back at the mansionEdit

[Toshio plays with his Spiritomb, Terrakion, Virizion, Buizel, Shellos West Sea, Plusle, Chimchar, Pichu, Palkia, Red Basculin, Orange Deerling, Elgyem, White Kyurem, Karrablast, Tranquill, Axew, Wailord, Piplup, Manaphy, Servine, Dragonite, Mantine, Vanillite, Pidove, Munna, Mincinno, Vanillish, Celebi, Snivy, Marill, Throh, Shellos East Sea, Glaceon, Slowking, Fennekin, Watchog, Audino, Mewtwo, Totodile, Helioptile, Shiny Entei, Foongus, Keldeo, Pignite, Tornadus, Mudkip, Pancham, Treecko, Deino, Meloetta Aria Form, Vaporeon, Bulbasaur, Sylveon, Leafeon, Jolteon, Riolu, Fletchling, Frost Rotom, Vulpix, Amaura, Chimecho, Croagunk, Togekiss, Espeon, Zorua, Emolga, Boldore, Pansage, Roggenrolla, Rufflet, Swadloon, Timburr, Dedenne, Gardevoir, Turtwig, Blitzle, Chikorita, Cubchoo, Drilbur, Bisharp, Solosis, Torchic, Furret, Inkay, Litleo, Whirlipede, Cottonee, Umbreon, Eevee, Klink, Pansear, Yveltal, Flareon, Pawniard, Landorus, Durant, Absol, Chandelure, Oshawott, Malamar, Jynx, Meowth, Weavile, Lillipup, Alomomola, Amoongus, Zwelious, Black Kyurem, Cobalion, Reshiram, Slowpoke, Simisage, Litwick, Genesect, Snorlax, Tyrunt, Pachirisu, Sawsbuck, Froakie, Wobbuffet, Mantyke, Punkaboo, Tympole, Escavalier, Wynaut, Shinx, Snover, Mesprit, Cleffa, Meinfoo, Hydreigon, Heatmor, Gurdurr, Simipour, Simisear, Druddigon, Meowstic (male), Gothorita, Chespin, Jigglypuff, Golett, Bulbasaur, Bunnelby, Ferroseed, Mienshao, Sandile, Fraxure, Frillish (female), Darmanitan, Rotom, Whimsicott, Gogoat, Heat Rotom, Scatterbug, Dewott, Red Genesect, Swirlix, Beeheyem, Meloetta pirouette form, Eelektrik, Archen, Scraggy, Woobat, Ducklett, Cinccino, Darumaka, Chansey, Shaymin Sky Form, Gothita, Salamence, Cherrim, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Uxie, Azelf, Ampharos, Flabébé, Pikachu, Minun, Tepig, Ditto, Ho-Oh, Charizard, Victini, Pink Deerling, Cut Rotom, Shiny Red Gyarados, Patrat, Stunfisk, Shiny Pikachu, Blastoise, Spin Rotom, Venusaur, Xerneas, Carbink, Chestnaught, Clauncher, Darkrai, Espurr, Meowstic (female), Goomy, Jirachi, Lapras, Gengar, Mew, Raichu, Spritzee, Blue Basculin, Samurott, Panpour, Shelmet and Squirtle plushies]

Toshio: "" (Translation: Get Kuroko, he's needed to carry)

[Satoko calls Takashi Kuroko]

5 minutes later

[A black limo appears and Toshio and Satoko go inside it]

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