1. Hates the Spice Girls more than Kazuki Sato
  2. Sleeps while having a volume of Bleach on his head
  3. Refuses to eat hamburgers, he say all it does is make him a "fata**", don't try to force one in his mouth
  4. Fights with Giuseppe a lot
  5. Everytime the concerned characters throw a party, Toshio DJs
  6. Hates the UsUk Hetalia pairing
  7. Doesn't want to be obese
  8. His bellybutton is an erongeous zone, he will attack with the katana
  9. Sings Jai Ho by Pussycat Dolls with Shika when their moms are out
  10. Hates his feet touched
  11. Calls fast-food (Fried Chicken, Hamburgers, French Fries. ect) "Fata** foods" but doesn't mind people eating it, but not too much
  12. Hates his hair ruffled
  13. Knowned as "Red Sun of Death" "Rising Sun Blood" and "Young Boy Asassin"
  14. Supports Team Japan during the TF2 Toruament
  15. He peforms human experiment out of anger on his biological father for abusing him, and what he does is what he wants to do to his own biological father if captured.