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Toshio Kisho stays home due to pneumonia

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Nicole: "Toshio Kisho came down to his parents at 6:00 am and complaining his lungs were sore."

Toshio: "ママ、私は気分がよくありません" (Translation: Mommy, i don't feel well)

[Satoko feels Toshio's head]

Satoko: "私は夫人ウェストンを教えてくれます" (Translation: I will tell Mrs Weston)

[Satoko picks up the phone and dials Mrs Weston's number]

Satoko: "もしもし?ミセス·ウェストン?これは俊夫のお母さん、さとこですが、あなたは彼をピックアップしていない俊夫のタクシードライバーを教えてくださいすることができ、彼は病気だ" (Translation: Hello? Mrs Weston? this is Toshio's mom, Satoko, can you please tell Toshio's taxi driver not to pick him up, he's ill)

Mrs Weston: "Yes Satoko."

[Mrs Weston hangs up]

cut to:

[Toshio in his room, playing with his Tepig and Bulbasaur plushies]

Cut to:

Nicole: "Marie then told her mother that she needs to go to cheerleading tryouts."

Marie: "Mom, I'm gonna be late for the cheerleading try outs! Mom?! I need a lift to school early so I can try out to be on the cheerleading squad."

Samuel: "Toshio is sick."

Marie: "Okay,"

Samuel: "I'll take you."

Marie: "Thanks Dad."

Cut to:

[Toshio playing with his Pikachu and Oshawott plushes]

[Toshio's friend Zacky knocks the door]

Zack: "Can Toshio play with me today?"

Garret: "He's sick."

[Garret shuts the door]


cut to:

[Satoko is playing with Toshio with his toys]

[Zack comes into the house and to Satoko's room]

Zack: "I want Toshio to play."

Satoko: "彼は病気です" (Translation: He's sick)

[Toshio goes past Zack without noticing him and watches Pokemon Best Wishes! on TV]


Marie: "Shut up! you're gonna wake Reiko!"

Zack: "I want Toshio to play!"

Marie: "He's sick!"

[Marie gets Garret's iPhone and contacts Zack's mom, Orlene]

Marie: (on phone) "Please pick up Zack. Toshio is sick and he is begging him to go outside."

Orlene: "Okay."

cut to:

[Orlene arriving]

Marie: "Zack doesn't understand what being ill means."

Orlene: "Don't worry, I'll explain what that means."

Marie: "Thanks."

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