Nicole: "Tokiko and her parents went to the galaxy for ghosts."

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Mommy? Is this the same galaxy Reicheru and Mr. Sato got married)

Sakura: "" (Translation: Sure is, we are gonna book a hotel, you'll be going to a school for grade-school age ghosts)

Ryou: "" (Translation: Plus, we'll live here, in our holiday house in Nagasaki, but first we are booking a hotel for a few nights)

At the hotelEdit

Nicole: "When they got to the hotel, three soldiers named Jack Drank, Morrison May, and Jimmy Mann, bullied Tokiko, until a British soldier named Arthur noticed."

[Sakura, Ryou, and Tokiko arrive at the hotel]

Sakura: "" (Translation: There is a play area around there, go play there until we get the hotel booked)

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Kay!)

[Tokiko skips over to the play area]

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Mind If I play here?)

Female Child: "Not at all! Feel free!"

[Tokiko plays with some of the building blocks]

Jack: "Hey, isn't she the daughter of that Jap sniper that killed my squadmates, including you both?"

Morrison: "Looks like it, let's pull her by the hair and attack her."

Jimmy: "Yeah, let's attack her!"

[Morrison, Jimmy, and Jack go behind Tokiko, who is talking with a fellow friend, then pulls her by the hair and pounds her against the wall]

Tokiko: "" (Translation: What are you doing? Mommy! Daddy!)

Morrison: "My great-great grandson has heard about you dirty little Japs that attacked us Americans!"

Tokiko: "" (Translation: Let go! Please!)

Jimmy: "I don't listen to Nips, and Trashy people like you especially ones who's father killed me!"

[Morrison, Jimmy, and Jack start beating her]

Tokiko: (crying) "" (Translation: Mommy! MOMMY! MOMMY MOMMY!)


[Morrison, Jack, and Jimmy turn to look at Arthur]

Arthur: "You three, need to grow up, this little girl may have a notorious Japanese sniper for a father, but her father is kind and loves her very much, he killed you for a reason, Jack, why did you let Ryou starve, we only wanted Japan to surrender! Not hurt civilians Jonathan Woods never listened, we only wanted Japan to surrender, not wipe out the entire Japanese!"

Morrison: "I've heard about this little girl, her father bought her to Manchuria for a holiday!"

Tokiko: "" (Translation: I never seen Unit 731!)

Morrison: "Don't lie! Jap!"

Hotel manager: "You three, leave, this girl may be from an Axis nation, but that is no excuse to hurt her."

Arthur: "Poppet, are you okay?"

Tokiko: (sobbing) "" (Translation: Yes, what are their problem?")

Arthur: "They were members of Jonathan Woods 'Let's Kill Every Person from Germany, Italy, and Japan' group, they were rude, annoying, and they disrespected dead Japanese soldiers from World War "

Day 1Edit

Day 2Edit

At the holiday homeEdit

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