Tokiko Shako's diary is an item found in Another vs. Normal Party: Supernatural Spirits as an item required to appease Tokiko. It was given to her for her 2nd birthday in 1941, Tokiko writes in it,


Shōwa Year 16, 1941, June 9thEdit

Uncle Kiyoshi got me this diary to write my thoughts and feelings in, I call it "Foxfire"

Shōwa Year 16, 1941, June 10thEdit

That westerner Jonathan Woods harassed my father today via phone, I hate him. We were all having dinner when this incident happened. He kept on doing this 5 times already.

Shōwa Year 16, 1941, June 30thEdit

It's Dietrich-san's birthday, what should we get him? Should I get him a baseball glove?

​Shōwa Year 16, 1941, July 6thEdit

Tense are rising, when will this horrible war end?

Shōwa Year 16, 1941, December 8thEdit

It's Yuu-chan's birthday today, but Daddy is sick, but I also heard Pearl Harbour got bombed, those poor people who died!

Shōwa Year 16, 1941, December 9thEdit

The USA declared war on Japan, please make it end!

Shōwa Year 16 1941, December 30thEdit

I heard that Meiko and Hiro gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but Hiro told me she was half Japanese and half Taiwanese, Me and my friends and family already know she is Taiwanese.

​Shōwa Year 17, 1942, April 9thEdit

It has been at least a few months, those POWs are dying, Is it still going on? End already!

Shōwa Year 17, 1942, July 26Edit

I played with Daddy, It has been at least a few months since the USA declared war.

Shōwa Year 17, 1942, August 7thEdit

I went out with daddy and mommy, I played with Yuuya.

Shōwa Year 17, 1942, September 1stEdit

Going on? Onegai, please stop!

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