In this episode, Jo meets a deaf couple named Shane (44) and Alison (42) Tobari who speak American Sign Language and live in Boise, Idaho. They have 14 kids: Catherine (16), fraternal quintuplets Sammi, Regina, Jami, Martina and Lauren (4), fraternal triplets Kayla, Alicia and Patti (3), Monica (5), identical quadruplets Morgan, Vanessa, Amanda and Heather (2). All the children have the ability to hear. Catherine is very mature, responsible and well-behaved, but not her younger siblings. Monica, Morgan, Martina, Alicia, Jami, Lauren, Patti, Kayla, Vanessa, Amanda, Heather, Regina and Sammi run amok, scream, swear, fight, climb on furniture, act odd around the clock doing a bunch of odd stuff, taking advantage of their parents's disability, which forces Catherine to take the role as a third parent with the ability to hear. However, Catherine can't communicate with her parents since she doesn't know ASL. Can Jo get this family back on track before everything falls apart?

Discipline techniques: Naughty Pit (for Heather, Amanda, Patti, Kayla, Alicia, Morgan and Vanessa) Naughty Corner (for Monica, Sammi, Jami, Martina, Regina, and Lauren)

other techniques: Thought Box (for Catherine) Vandal Disposal, White Sheets, Hannah Montana Reward Chart