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Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Wei punches Lily]

[Song pushes Samuel]

[Wei throws a rock at Jiao]

[Song kicks Huan]

[Huan cries]

Submission ReelEdit

Gloria: "You are with me in Dunblane in Scotland to stop 2 boys from tearing a family apart."

???: "Hi! were the Thorton Family!"

John: "I'm John."

Cassie: "I'm Cassie."

Baozhai: "我寶齋我的大女兒,我今年19歲" (Translation: I'm Baozhai I'm the eldest daughter, I'm 19 years old)

Cassie: "We have 11 children, 8 are from China, and 1 granddaughter, Feng is 19, our set of fraternal quintuplets are Jiao, Ling, Song, Wei, Chen are 16, Lily is 10, Samuel is 7, Hui is 4, and Huan is 2 and is Baozhai's daughter."

John: "The females of the quintuplets are well-behaved, but Song and Wei are far from it, they swear, cuss, both got kicked out of 4 schools, they bully and terroize Hui, the youngest are well-behaved, the twins are also well-behaved."

[Song punches Hui]

[Hui cries]

Cassie: "Baozhai, Feng, Jiao, Ling, Song, Wei, Chen, Hui, and Huan are from China, they do not understand or speak english but I am Chinese-British."

John: "I couldn't speak Chinese the year we adopted them but Cassie taught me Chinese the next year."

Lily: "My 16-year old brothers aren't behaving themselves."

Samuel: "I have siblings and a niece that don't speak english."

Cassie: "Baozhai and Feng were born in Beijing, the quintuplets are from Tianjin, Hui is from Shanghai, and Huan was born here."

Baozhai: "我懷孕了,在16日,她在17歲那年,我沒有去上學後," (Translation: I got pregnant at 16, had her when I was 17, I didn't go to school right after)

[Song throws a rock at Wei]

Cassie: "They are also explosive."

[Song throws water at Feng]

Observation BeginsEdit

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Naughty SwivelEdit

Gloria: "It wasn't long until Song destroyed Hui's favorite toy rabbit."

Song: "你是不是得到它回到你的小(long bleep)!"(Translation: You are not getting it back you little ***!)

Hui: "大哥!給我回明!" (Translation: Big brother! give me back Ming!)

Gloria: "That 16-year-old son of yours is teasing Huan, give him a warning."

Cassie: "孫松索頓,還回明或進入調皮的旋轉" (Translation: Song Sun Thorton, give Hui back Ming or you are going into the Naughty Swivel)

[Song beheads Ming]

Hui: "明!" (Translation: MING!)

[Huan bursts into tears]

Cassie: "32分鐘!" (Translation: 32 MINUTES!)

[A very angry Cassie puts Song on the Naughty Swivel]

[Jiao comes in]

Jiao: "他做了什麼?" (Translation: What did he do?)

Cassie: "他被斬首輝的玩具兔!" (Translation: He beheaded Hui's toy rabbit!)

[Jiao comes up to Mui]

Jiao: "這是惠沒關係,大姐是一個玩具醫生" (Translation: It's okay Hui, big sister's a toy doctor)

[Jiao picks up the beheaded toy rabbit]

Gloria: "I ment 16 minutes not 32 minutes."

Cassie: "I was very angry with him."

Cassie: "The thing he did was horrible to my eyes, I never saw Hui in a crying fit before."

Gloria: "How were you able to speak Chinese?"

Cassie: "My mother is Chinese, My father is British."

John: "The kids from China do not understand english, causing confusion."

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