In this episode, Jo heads to Tampa to help stay-at-home grandmother Barbara Thorndyke (73) and her twelve adopted children who were each adopted from each 12 different countries. Will she be able to help Barbara and bring peace back to the household? Sonia, age 43, and Marco, age 45 have full-time jobs and occasionally visit the household.

Discipline techniques used: Lose What You Like Chart (for Lincoln, George and Antoinette), Naughty Platform (for Oscar) and Naughty Pit (for Jason and Julia)

Other techniques used: Get What You Hate Chart, Family Time, Chore Buddy System, White Sheets, Video Games Technique, Vandal Disposal, Homework Area, Green Smoothie, Stay in Bed, Shared Play and Good Eater

Adopted ChildrenEdit

  • Lilly (17) - She is well-behaved. Lilly has Asperger's Syndrome. She was adopted from Switzerland
  • Mary-Melissa (15) - She is well-behaved. She was adopted from Sweden
  • Lincoln (14) - Refuses to do his homework, but other than that he is well-behaved. He is adopted from New Zealand
  • George (12) - Refuses to sleep in his own bed and calls Barbara horrible names. He is adopted from Belgium
  • Antoinette (10) - She has the same brain mixed with Marie from the Panizza Family Revisited. She was adopted from France
  • V.J (9) - He is well-behaved. He is adopted from Morocco
  • Oscar (8) - He has the same brain mixed with Teddy, Sherman and Bryce from the Langbroek Family. He is adopted from Argentina
  • Cassie (5) - She is well-behaved. She is adopted from Ghana
  • Jason (3) - He has the same brain mixed with Maybel from the Simpson Family. He was adopted from Peru
  • Julia (3) - Jason's twin sister. She has the same brain mixed with Lola from the Wailems Family. She and her brother Jason were adopted from Peru
  • Haidyn-Nicole (2) - She is well-behaved, but has phobia of eating green vegetables. She has Type 2 Diabetes. She is adopted from Portugal
  • Tyson (1) - He is well-behaved. He is adopted from Japan

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