Getting PreparedEdit

Nicole: "The Thon Family was getting prepared to trick or treat."

[We see Chin-Ho dressed up as Toad from the Super Mario Bros. franchise]

Chin-Ho: "어떻게, 엄마입니까?" (Translation: "How do I look, mommy?")

Stacie: "당신은 완벽 봐, 여보." (Translation: "You look perfect, dear.")

[We see Kwang-Sun dressed up as Bowser from the Super Mario Bros. franchise]

Stacie: "John, where are the girls?"

John: "I don't know. Possibly in the bathroom."

[In the bathroom, Hae-Woo is dressed as Minnie Mouse, and Eun-Seun is dressed as Minnie Mouse]

Hae-Woo: " " (Translation: "I'm going to love my costume for this year!")

Trick or treatingEdit

[Chin-Ho rings the doorbell]

Chin-Ho, Hae-Woo, and Eun-Seun: " " (Translation: "Trick-or-treat!")

When they got homeEdit

[The family is watching Garfield's Halloween Adventure]


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