Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Submission ReelEdit

Ola: "You are with me in Helena, Montana to meet a family with 2 sets of Korean twins, let's have a look."

???: "Hi, I'm Stacie, and I am a stay-at-home mom."

???: "And I'm John, and I work at a local bakery."

Stacie: "We have two beautiful sets of twins that came into our family via adoption, Chin-Ho and Kwang-Sun just turned 4 a few days ago and are from North Korea and Eun-Sun and Hae-Woo are 3 1/2 and their birthday is coming up and they are from South Korea."

John: "The 3-year olds are sweet little angels."

Stacie: "But, the boys are far from, all 4 kids don't understand english, but I'm American-Korean."

[Kwang-Sun screams from the top of his lungs]

Kwang-Sun: "나는 과자를 먹고 싶어요!" (Translation: I WANT MY COOKIES!)

Stacie: "Kwang-Sun behaves the worst, Nanny 911 failed to stop him, the 3-year olds used to misbehave but after Nanny 911, their behavior changed for the better, he tortures his little sisters."

[Kwang-Sun beheads Hea-Woo's Fox plush]

Hae-Woo: "엄마! 마이 폭스 켜짐 머리가 없어!" (Translation: MOMMY! THERE'S NO HEAD ON MY FOX!)

Stacie: "Chin-Ho is mostly well-behaved but refuses to eat, which scares me because my grandfather died of Type 1 Diabetes and won't sleep."

[We see a picture of Stacie's late grandfather]

Stacie: "Also, Kwang-Sun also ruined Thanksgiving."

John: "Also, Chin-Ho's friend's birthday party was embarrasing and appualing and ruined it, courtsey of his twin brother."

Stacie: "He is violent to animals, launches birds by slingshots, stabs mice and rats with kitchen knives, bonks rabbit's on their heads with a toy hammer, lifts fish out of water, and pulls raccoons by their tails. He even kicks puppies and kittens."

John: "And got kicked out of many schools for his behavior."

Observation BeginsEdit

Ola: "Hello."

Stacie: "Come on in."

[We hear Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap (Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go) playing in the background]

Ola: "Where is Kwang-Sun?"

Stacie: "Oh, he's in time-out right now."

Observation ContinuesEdit

[Kwang-Sun is hitting and slapping Hea-Woo]

Kwang-Sun: "죽어!" (Translation: Die!)

Hae-Woo: "엄마!" (Translation: Mommy!)

Stacie: "광 - 일! 해일 - 우를 때리지 마세요 "  (Translation: Kwang-Sun! don't hit Hae-Woo!)

Ola: " "

Stacie: "The last school Kwang-Sun has been kicked out of was Rossiter School Head Start, because he was violent and aggressive towards other kids and the staff."

Ola: "Tell me about the special occasions and holidays your son has ruined."

Stacie: "Kwang-Sun ruined Thanksgiving by starting a food fight with his cousins. He destroyed Hae-Woo's centerpiece by throwing it into the fireplace, devoured the whole entire pumpkin pie, put metal objects into the microwave, and threw food at Hae-Woo's new yellow dress which was stained with cranberry sauce."

Ola: "My goodness."

Stacie: "He ruined his twin's birthday party which was Pokemon-themed by destroying the cake by putting fireworks in it, and eating all of the Pikachu sugar cookies, and changing the Korean version of the Pokemon Theme to Gangnam Style by PSY, which i don't approve of because of Kwang-Sun made his sisters listen to it, and Eun-Sun asked me what a (bleep)y lady is."

[Chin-Ho nods]

Ola: "So you must be his twin, Chin-Ho."

Chin-Ho: "난 영어, 미안 해요 이해가 안 돼요." (Translation: I don't understand English, sorry.)

Parent MeetingEdit

Naughty PlatformEdit

Learn EnglishEdit

Star Reward ChartEdit

Eun-Sun and Hae-Woo's PartyEdit

[On the table, we see a pink Minnie Mouse birthday cake with white polka dots, Minnie Mouse cupcakes, Minnie Mouse sugar cookies, Minnie's mouthwatering strawberries, cake pops, Daisy's garden veggies and dip, ice cream, lemonade, Minnie Mouse-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches and watermelon, Minnie's Munchies Mix, Rice Krispie Minnie Mouse treats with ears dipped in chocolate, Toodles' pizza, Hot-diggity-dogs with Clarabelle Cow's Condiments, Pete's popcorn, Minnie chicken nuggets, Clarabelle's cookies, Chip & Dale's crispy chips]

[We see a 7-in-1 Minnie Mouse bounce house, a Minnie Mouse piñata, some games such as Pin the Bow on Minnie are set up]

[We see a table filled with favors for the guests to take home]

[Ola is helping John and Stacie with the balloons and decorations]

30 minutes later

[We hear a doorbell ring, and Stacie answers the door]

[Eun-Sun and Hae-Woo's friends Janine-Anne, Ashley, Lindsay, Stella, Trinity, Ruby, Hilary, Michelle, Hannah, Miley, Carly, Isabella, Lucy, Sophia, Alexis, Heather, and Denise arrive at the door]

Ruby/Hilary/Heather/Miley/Carly/Isabella/Lucy/Sophia/Alexis/Denise/Ashley/Janine-Anne/Lindsay/Trinity/Stella/Michelle: "Surprise!"

[Each girl comes in with a birthday present and places it onto the table]

Ola: "Oh, my. Look at all those presents!"

[Eun-Sun comes downstairs dressed in a pink Minnie Mouse costume while Hae-Woo comes dressed in a red Minnie Mouse costume]

Michelle: "Oh, Hae-Woo, you look so lovely,"

Janine-Anne: "You too, Eun-Sun."

Stacie: "We've got the bounce house ready waiting outside, girls! We also have games and activities!"

[The girls all scramble outside to the backyard]

The 4 year olds turn over new leavesEdit

Goodbye OlaEdit

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