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A list of schools Guy has been expelled from:

  1. Joyce Kilmer Elementary School
  2. Grace A. Dunn Middle School
  3. Luiz Munoz Rivera Elementary School for smashing all the copying machines with a hammer, causing them to malfunction.
  4. Hedgepeth-Williams Elementary School
  5. Foundation Academy Charter School

A list of schools Keith has been expelled from:

  1. Afrikan People's Action School
  2. Holy Angels School
  3. St. Gregory the Great
  4. P.J. Hill Elementary School
  5. Paul Robeson Charter School For the Humanities

A list of schools Diesel has been expelled from:

  1. Incarnation Elementary School
  2. Village Charter School
  3. immaculate Conception School
  4. Holy Cross School
  5. Trenton Catholic Academy Lower School

A list of schools Conrad has been expelled from:

  1. Jefferson Elementary School
  2. Gregory Elementary School
  3. K12 International Academy
  4. Monument Elementary School
  5. The Keystone School
  • Conrad, Diesel, Guy and Keith now attend The Garvey School
  • Conrad, Diesel, Guy and Keith have the same brain mixed with Juan, Jose and Antonio from the Hudson Family

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