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This is Toshio is a YouTube video created by Satoko Samo. It introduces Toshio Samo and his experiences in his life.


[A small boy is sitting on a couch with his mother]

Satoko: "" (Translation: This is Toshio, one of the oldest family lines in Japan, depends on him)

[Cut to, Toshio in a yukata and Satoko in a kimono]

Satoko: "" (Translation: Right now, he's too busy being so cute!)

[Cut to Toshio holding a rabbit]

Satoko: "" (Translation: He couldn't get any cuter holding a rabbit)

[Cut to Toshio and Satoko out in Tokyo, Toshio is holding a Pikachu doll]

Person 1: "" (Translation: Look at him and his little Pikachu plushie)

Person 2: "" (Translation: I can't handle this s***)

Person 3: "" (Translation: Cutest heir ever)

[Cut to Toshio looking at a guinea pig]

Satoko: "" (Translation: Guinea pig on a scale)

[Cut to Toshio wearing a suit, tie and petting a deer]

Satoko: "" (Translation: I just can't)

[Cut to Toshio playing with his plush collection]

Satoko: "" (Translation: When he runs of cute animals to pet, he plays with his toys)

[Cut to Toshio looking at the Blood Drainer in his mother's room]

Satoko: "" (Translation: It's one bada** katana, the future of the Shako family is safe in his tiny, adorable hands)

[Cut to Toshio looking at a lemon plant]

Satoko: "" (Translation: When life gives him lemons, he looks cute)

[Cut to Toshio wearing a yukata playing with other children]

Satoko: "" (Translation: Stop it)

[Cut to Toshio wearing a suit and tie with a hat]

Satoko: "" (Translation: He is all ready for school)

[Cut to Toshio playing with a tree branch]

Satoko: "" (Translation: He frolicks!)

[Cut to Toshio sliding down a slide]

Satoko: "" (Translation: He slides!)

[Cut to Toshio looking at a dog]

Satoko: "" (Translation: He likes dogs!)

[Cut to Toshio, smiling at the camera]

Satoko: "" (Translation: Toshio-kun rules all!)


It received positive reviews from critics, except for the staff of GBS.

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