Theory Play (JP: Funtime) is a new feature in Theory World 3: Lesser and Greater, it can be used to play mini-games and play with your teammates.


The feature contains mini-games that are takes on classic playground games including Tag, Tug of War, Obstacle Course, etc. There are also original mini-games such as Invention Smash (where you must destroy as many of Beatrix Badwin's inventions within an amount of time), Balancing Acts (where you must balance your teammates on top of your head for as long as possible), and Musical Arms (similar to Musical Chairs, except that you must time your arm pose correctly when the music stops). Winning them earns the player food to raise the bloat meter, drinks to raise the quench meter, or toys and electronics to raise the fun meter.

Interaction with teammates includes chatting with them (whether done via the game system's microphone, keypad, or from a selection of pre-made quotes). You can raise the "favor" meter if your quote positively affects your teammate, but if not, it will decrease.

Touching a teammate allows players to massage one. They depend on the Likes and Dislikes of each teammate. If massaged on a negative spot (such as the back of Reicheru's neck or her kimono, Satoko's breasts, Ri Kon-Yung's sides, or Marie Lara-Rutter's right arm, especially when holding the Law plush, an unlockable item, Ri Min-Li's lapel pin and skirt, Ri Dae-Jung's ponytail, this will cause him to shoot you, causing damage and decrease friendship), however, the favor meter will decrease. If a female character is wearing a skirt or dress, flipping the skirt or dress to reveal the panties will decrease the favor meter.

Dislikes and LikesEdit

Each of your teammates has different likes and dislikes which change their favor rate.

Huizong ZhungxiEdit

Likes: Left part of neck

Dislikes: Feet

Favorite Food: Onigiri and Cream Cheese bagels

Least Favorite Food: Bread and Hamburgers

Favorite Toy: Anime Girl plush

Least Favorite Toy: Rainbow Dash plush

Expression: Very mischievous-looking and may lick his finger or bite his gloves in a seductive manner, feels agitated if feet touched, taking his footwear off increases the chance of being injured.

Marie Lara-RutterEdit

Likes: Hair and cheek

Dislikes: Hand if she's holding her Law plush, also her leg.

Favorite Food: Cold Noodles

Least Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Toy: Simpsons plushie, also the Law plush, DPRK flag

Least Favorite Toy: Pillow Pet, Rainbow Dash plush.

Expression: Calm and cautious, she will constantly jump, and hide from you.

Ri Dae-JungEdit

Likes: Side of neck and shoulder

Dislikes: Ponytail (This results in loss of health, he will also bring out a handgun and shoot you), poking him also results in damage, his abdomen due to the wound, which will cause him to flinch and gasp in pain.

Favorite Food: Cold Noodles and Onigiri

Least Favorite Food: Spicy food

Favorite Toy: DPRK flag, Simpsons plushies, Action figures.

Least Favorite Toy: Pinkie Pie Plush

Expression: Very stern, angry and serious, rarely smiles, and will constantly threat to shoot you, if full and try to feed him, he will turn away, smiles if given action figures

Note: Not very easy to please unlike his female counterpart.

Maria TachimiEdit

Likes: Right side

Dislikes: Neck

Favorite Food: Ramen and Sakuma Drops

Least Favorite Food: Cupcakes with MLP on them

Favorite Toy: Any Transformers figure

Least Favorite: Any MLP toy

Expression: Is timid and shy and she will ask for Transformers, angry reaction when offered MLP toys.

Sophie the OtterEdit

Likes: Tummy

Dislikes: Tail

Favorite Food: Fishicles

Least Favorite Food: Liver

Favorite Toy: Duck Plush dubbed "Flick Duck, Jr.", Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families figurines, 3DS, Any Ben 10 or Ed Edd n' Eddy figure

Least Favorite Toy: Baby Laugh-a-Lot, Dora Aquapet

Expression: Content-looking, is shown wagging her tail and sometimes giggles

Marilou the OtterEdit

Likes: Arms

Dislikes: Nose

Favorite Food: Strawberry Shortcake Cereal-flavored Fishicles

Least Favorite Food: Asparagus

Favorite Toy: Hoppopotamus Plush, Pretty Bit Popple Plush, or any 80's toy she likes

Least Favorite Toy: Paddleball 

Expression: Timid-looking. She taps her foot and adjusts her ponytail when left idle

CJ the OtterEdit

Likes: Back

Dislikes: Tail

Favorite Food: Fruit Brute-flavored Fishicles

Least Favorite Food: KFC

Favorite Toy: Any Transformers Figure, Digger Mole plush, Pandeaver plush

Least Favorite Toy: Barbie dolls

Expression: Also timid-looking. He snaps his fingers and winks at the player.

Satoko SamoEdit

Likes: Nape of neck

Dislikes: Breasts and between the legs, shirt being unbuttoned to expose cleavage, attacks you if you expose her breasts, which is covered by a censor bar.

Favorite Food: Any Japanese cuisine

Least Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Toy: Levi plush, any anime plushie

Least Favorite: My Little Pony toys

Expression: Calmed expression, angry expression when breasts touched or being unbuttoned or being exposed.

Hiro ShinozawaEdit

Likes: Shoulder Dislikes: Glasses

Favorite Food: Baozi or onigiri

Least Favorite Food: Bread or lemon

Favourite Toy: Japan or Taiwan flag

Least Favorite Toy: Twilight novel

Expression: A bored, solemn expression, when his glasses are taken, his eyes shut and he will constantly yell to give them back.

Toshio SamoEdit

Likes: Shoulder

Dislikes: Right leg

Favorite Food: Onigiri

Least Favorite Food: Hamburgers

Favorite Toy: Shadow the Hedgehog plush

Least Favorite Toy: Barbie doll

Expression: An emotionless expression, angry expression when angered

Catherine the SpellcasterEdit

King KoolEdit

Likes: Shoulders and arms

Dislikes: Chest

Favorite Food: Spicy chips, chicken nugget, or muffins

Least Favorite Food: Haggis

Favorite Toy: Any type of electronics, paddleball, Nerf

Least Favorite Toy: Anything MLP related

Expression: Will look at you in an "I'm going to kill you" expression when furious, will refuse to interact when sad.

Igor the MiiEdit

Likes: Forehead

Dislikes: Crotch

Favorite food: Any snack or sweet

Least Favorite Food: Beans

Favorite Toy: ??? (Haven't decided. -Igor)

Least Favorite Toy: Anything Broken

Expression: ???

Irina the MiiEdit

Likes: Shoulders and Legs

Dislikes: Upper Chest

Cuong Thi Edit

Likes: Back of neck

Dislikes: Abdomen and head

Favorite food: Vegetable rolls and rats

Least Favorite: Squid

Favorite Toy: Vietnam flag

Least Favorite toy: My Little Pony

Expression: Is very seductive and will flirt with you.

Annie Farrell Edit

Likes: Neck

Dislikes: Breasts (Arm if holding Winter Soldier plush figurine))

Favourite Food: Cucumber

Least Favourite Food: Anything meat-rekated

Favourite Toy: Winter Soldier plush figurine (Unlocked if you already downloaded the Winter Soldier Doll Case DLC)

Least Favourite Toy: Barbie doll

Expression: Looks away, if holding her doll, clutches it tightly.


  • Inspiration from the feature came from Pokémon-Amie, an interactive feature introduced in Generation VI of the Pokémon games.
  • The favorite toys in each bio would later play the role of their respective characters in Toy-Ya.