Gemma and Darren get an invitationEdit

Nicole: "One day, Gemma and Darren O'Connell received an invitation from Gemma's brother Frank and his wife Mimi asking them to attend their son Mickey's 5th birthday party, which would be held in Funky Monkeys in Cityside. So Gemma and Darren decided to take their adoptive children aged from 3 to 7 as a special treat."

[Gemma opens an envelope]

Gemma: "Darren, look!"

[Darren arrives in the kitchen]

Darren: " "

Gemma: " "

Darren: " "

Gemma (reading the invitation): " "

Darren: " "

Gemma: "We'll get the children aged from 3 to 7 to go!"

Darren: "I agree. This could be a perfect treat for them."

Phone CallsEdit

Gemma receives a phone callEdit

Nicole: "A few days later, Gemma received a phone call from Frank with a reminder about the King of the Jungle-themed birthday party."

[The phone rings]

[Gemma answers the phone]

Gemma: "Hello."

Uncle Frank: "Hello Gemma "

Gemma: " "

Uncle Frank: " "

Gemma hires some babysitters for the other kidsEdit

Nicole: "Then Gemma had to hire three babysitters to look after the other children who were too young and too old to go."

[Gemma dials a number to ]

Gemma: "Hello, my name is Gemma O'Connell and I am looking for three babysitters to look after my children, except for the 3-7 year olds, because my husband Darren and I are taking them to my nephew Mickey's birthday party."

Gemma books the busEdit

Nicole: "And finally, Gemma asked her friend Mr. Rice, who works as a bus driver in the Europa Ulsterbus Station to drive them to Funky Monkeys in Cityside and to help out at the party."

[Gemma dials a number to Mr. Rice]

The TantrumEdit

Gemma and Darren get the kids aged from 3-7 wakened up Edit

Nicole: "It was the day of Cousin Mickey's birthday, and Gemma and Darren begin the day by getting the kids aged from 3-7 up out of beds."

Getting ReadyEdit

Nicole: "Gemma is laying the party clothes out on the party goers' beds."

[Gemma lays the Portuguese vigintuplets' party clothes out on their beds]

[Gemma lays Hamish's party clothes out on his bed]

[Gemma lays Mimi and Pino's party clothes out on their beds]

[Gemma lays Gabriela, Romina and Lucas' party clothes out on their beds]

[Gemma lays the Singaporean septuplets' party clothes out on their beds]

[Gemma lays the Tanzanian undecaplets' party clothes out on their beds]

Nicole: "When the bad kids aged from 3-7 asked if they "

[Gemma comes downstairs]

Gemma: "Okay folks, it's time to go upstairs and get dressed into your party clothes! They're on your beds!"

Lucas: "Can I go to my friend's house?"

Gemma: "No, not today. We're going to your Cousin Mickey's birthday."

Lucas: "I don't like my cousin Mickey!"

Gemma: "When is this tantrum going to stop?"

Darren: "I don't know."

Three Babysitters ArriveEdit

[The doorbell rings]

The Bad O'Connell Kids Aged from 3 to 7 run away to their friends' housesEdit

Darren Chases After Mimi from the TwinsEdit

Pino: " " (Translated to: "Daddy, Mimi's running away!")

Gemma Chases After Lucas from the TripletsEdit

Gemma: "No, you are not going with this family, Lucas!"

Lucas: "But I want to go with my friend and his family because I hate Mickey!"

Sadie, Ali, Shruti, Punny, Janaki, Akbar and Munira from the Quindecaplets Chase After Thomas, Chimpae, Ezekiel, Francis, Rajabu and Selemani from the UndecapletsEdit

Sadie: "I'll chase after Thomas, Ali, you chase after Chimpae, Shruti, you chase after Ezekiel, Punny, you chase after Francis, Janaki, you chase after Rajabu and Akbar and Munira, you chase after Selemani."

The Bus ArrivesEdit

At Funky MonkeysEdit

Party AftermathEdit