Chris: "Kids, be on your best behavior; we are taking the plane."

Olivia/Samue/Marie: "Okay Dad."

[Baozhai comes in wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans while bottlefeeding Jiao]

Chris: "We do not want to ruin this for Baozhai and Jiao."

Baozhai: "所以是你的最好的行為,尤其是你瑪麗." (Translation: So be on your best behavior, especially you Marie)

Olivia: "Okay Mom!"

Cut to:

[The Willis Family on a plane, Baozhai is sitting next to Chris while she holds Jiao, Olivia is sitting next to Samuel, Samuel is sitting next to Olivia, Marie is sitting next to Chris]

Chris: "Okay Children?"

Marie: "Yes Daddy."

Olivia: "Yes Dad."

Samuel: "Yes."

[The Willis Family arrives in China]

Baozhai: "媽媽!" (Translation: Mom!)

Jiao (Baozhai's Mother): "寶齋是什麼一個驚喜!" (Translation: Baozhai what a nice suprise!)

Xiu: "你好寶齋!" (Translation: Hello Baozhai!)

Baozhai: "媽媽,我命名你我的女兒 " (Translation: Mom, I named my daughter after you)

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