December 26 - The Triplets Get Ready for Military SchoolEdit

Nicole: "On the day after Christmas, Josephine, John and Jett are going to spend their 5th birthday, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Military School in Alabama."

Petunia: "Because you misbehaved this Christmas season, you will go to Military School in Alabama."

Josephine, John and Jett: (screaming at the top of their lungs) "WE DON'T WANNA SPEND THE REST OF THE SEASON IN MILITARY SCHOOL!"

Bryce: "Too bad. There isn't anything you can do about it."

Nicole: "The reason why they are going there is that they were put on Santa's Naughty List and ruined Christmas, which led to their 5th birthday being completely cancelled."

Josephine: "One of these days, we will kill mom!"

John: "AND DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[Jett draws a picture of their mother tied to cement blocks and being drowned in the ocean]

Jett: "Josephine, John, check this out!"

Josephine: "Hey that's a good one!"

John: "Yeah! I like it!"

Josephine: "Now do one of daddy getting deep-fryed in hot oil."

[cut to: outside]

[The Military school bus driver honks the horn]

Petunia: "Oh, good. The bus is here."

[Petunia runs to the triplets' bedroom]

Petunia: "Yoshi, Satoko, can you give me a hand?"

Bryce: (calling from downstairs) "Come on "

[Petunia, Yoshi and Satoko carry Josephine, John and Jett to the Military school bus]

Josephine: "Put me down, you stupid, fat cow!"

John: "Get off me Miss Yoshi!"

[Petunia steps off the bus, leaving the screeching triplets on]

[The military school bus drives away]

1 Hour After the Triplets Have LeftEdit

Satoko: "Hey, Dad. Wasn't that a bit harsh that you cancelled Josephine, John and Jett's birthday party?"

Matt: "Yeah, they're gonna turn five in a short few days."

Bryce: "They need to learn their lesson the hard way, because they will not celebrate their birthday by throwing a party this year."

Coco: "Ooh la la! That means me and the rest of my good siblings will be at peace."

Bryce: "Now if you excuse me, your mom and I are going to sell all of the triplets' 5th birthday presents back to the stores."

[Bryce and Petunia are packing Josephine, John & Jett's birthday presents into ]

[Bryce places the boxes into the boot of his van]

[Bryce and Petunia go into Bryce's van and drive to ]

[Bryce takes out one of the boxes which is marked as " " and goes inside ]

[Petunia takes out one of the boxes which is marked as " " and goes inside ]

Bryce: " "

12 Hours After the Triplets Have LeftEdit

December 27Edit

December 28Edit

December 29Edit

December 30Edit


[Jett punches the officer]

John: "If we can't have our birthday, then nobody else will!"

[Josephine kicks the officer on his buttocks]

Officer: "RIGHT! You three have brought yourself up to solitary confinement!"

Josephine (screeching) "I'll kill you!"

Officer: "You stay here until I say otherwise!"

[John and Jett arrive to spring her out]

Jett: "We are here to bust you out!"

Josephine: "Hurry, Commander Needlenose is coming!"

John: "No matter what Commander Needlenose, says it's still our birthday! We will celebrate it together as family. Let's get out of here!"

[John and Jett free Josephine from solitary confinement]

Cadet #1: "Be quiet, or Commander Neddlenose will hear you."

[The first cadet, Josephine, John and Jett sneak away from solitary confinement]

Cadets: "Surprise!!"

Cadet #1: "Happy Birthday Josephine, Jett and John!"

Cadet #2: "We snuck out of here to steal the birthday cake from a local bakery last night."

Cadet #3: "And we got the ice cream and the music!"

Cadet #4: "We even swiped Commander Needlenose's credit cards so we can book a bounce house, the clown, and a piñata!"

Cadet #5: "Let's move out!"

[Josephine, Jett and John, along with the young cadets begin marching off to find a place for the birthday party]

December 31 - New Year's EveEdit

Williams HouseholdEdit

Military SchoolEdit

Jett: "Thanks, you guys. That was the best birthday party we ever had."

Cadet #1: "You can say that again."

Cadet #2: "We showed Commander Needlenose and Officer Butt-head!"

Cadet #3: "We should do this again more often,"

Cadet #4: "Tonight is New Year's Eve."

Cadet #5: "Yeah, we'll have another party!"

Josephine, Jett and John: "Okay!"

Cadet #6: "Luckily, I swiped Sgt. Melissa Patrick's credit cards so we can buy our own horns and decorations! We can have our own New Year's Eve party!"

2028 Becomes 2029 (At the Williams Household)Edit

Getting Ready for the Ball DropEdit

[Petunia is checking if everything is ready for the New Year's Eve party]

Petunia: "Have you got the decorations up?"

Yoshi: "Yup!"

Petunia: "Have you got the hats and noisemakers ready?"

Bryce: "Yes, dear."

Petunia: "Are the refreshments on the table?"

Satoko: "Yes."

[Satoko and Yoshi choose some hats and noisemakers]

Satoko: "I'll have the air horn. Which ones would you like?"

Yoshi: "The prismatic blowouts."

Petunia: "I got out the New Years crackers. Kids, it's only hours till midnight! So can you come in to the kitchen and choose your party hat and your noisemaker?"

[Hugo, Ling, Akim, Kim, Kwang-Sun, Ji-min, Lucy, Matt, Ania and Coco arrive in the kitchen]

Kwang-Sun: "Which one would you like, Ji-min?"

Ji-min: "The glow party wands!"

Kwang-Sun: "And I'll have the burgundy streamer string!"

Hugo: "I'll have the black and gold foil serpentines, por favor."

Ania: "I'll have the hand clappers, por favor."

Coco: "I'll have the yellow streamer string, s'il vous plaît."

Ling: "I'll have the confetti poppers."

Matt: "Glitter colorful 2029 glasses!"

Kim: "Metallic red bead necklaces."

Akim: "Blue summer breeze leis!"

Lucy: "Glow stick jewelry!"

The Ball Drop on TVEdit

Petunia: "Hurry, children! We've got 5 minutes until the ball drops!"

Yoshi/Satoko: "Happy New Year!"

2028 Becomes 2029 (At Military School)Edit

Before the Ball DropEdit

The Ball Drop on TVEdit

[Josephine, Jett and John lead the young cadets and they are having their own New Year's Eve Party]

January 1 - New Year's DayEdit

[Josephine, Jett and John and all the other cadets are asleep on the bed mattresses, covered in silly string and confetti]

[We see a huge mess on the floor]

January 2Edit

[Commander Needlenose sees rushing water coming down the stairs and the hallway]

Commander Needlenose: "What the h*** is going on?"

[The water is up to Sgt. Melissa Patrick's thighs]

[Sgt. Melissa Patrick receives a call from the credit card company]

Sgt. Melissa Patrick Loses ItEdit

[Phone rings]

[Petunia is meditating]

Bryce: "I'll get it!"

[Bryce answers the phone]

Bryce: "Hello, Bryce speaking. May I ask who is calling, please?"

???: "This is Sgt. Melissa Patrick and I would like to speak to Mr. Bryce Williams right now!"

Bryce: "Yes, this is me, Bryce Williams. How may I help you, ma'am?"

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "Come...and get...your kids, now!"

Bryce: "Say what?"

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "They flooded the facility and used Commander Needlenose's credit cards for a birthday party and mine for their own New Year's Eve party! They were also shouting out very bad words! They even stabbed Commander Needlenose in the leg, putting him in the hospital."

Bryce: "They WHAT?! I'll be on my way. Just hold on."

The Triplets Get In to Very Serious TroubleEdit

[Bryce arrives home with the triplets]

Bryce: "Oh, Josephine, Jett and John! I can't believe you stabbed Commander Needlenose in the leg!"

Petunia: "It's Boot Camp for you three now!"

Josephine: "No matter what you do to us, you will never be able to control us! Never!"

Jett: "Why don't you die in a plane crash?!"

John: "We will hate you forever and ever!"