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The Trexler Quadruplets get kicked out of Jeffries Point Nursery School

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Time for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "The violent quadruplets with ADHD, have all been kicked out of Jeffries Point Nursery School for beheading dolls."

[Rebecca is making breakfast for the quadruplets]

[Max is packing the quadruplets' lunches]

At SchoolEdit

Nicole: "The quadruplets discovered that the girls in their class have brought in dolls."

[We see a few female classmates named Tiara, Kylie, Harriet, Miriam, and Sahara, who have their Polly Pocket, Barbie, American Girl, Baby Grows, and Cleo De Nile dolls respectively]

Maureen: " "

Sahara: "You'd better not be thinking about killing my Polly Pocket dolly!"

Kylie: "Or my Barbie doll!"

The DecisionEdit

[The quadruplets are in the principal's office with Max and Rebecca]

Expulsion AftermathEdit

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