The Team's Interview (JP: Interview the Crew) is an episode of Supernanny: The Theory Animated.


The Team Terrific 10 members take turns being interviewed. We take an in-depth look on each interviewee and learn about his/her interests, fears, secrets, and unusual facts. How does Toshio act towards prisoners? Why is Marilou so obsessed with the 1980s? These questions will be answered in an interview that will make you look at the cast in an entirely new way.



  • It is revealed Toshio Samo is brutal and cruel toward prisoners that the team captured.
  • Marie Lara-Rutter is one of the only members who was not present in the interview due to her refusal to leave her room. Thus, she does not make an onscreen appearance in this episode, but is mentioned by Reicheru in the ending scene.

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