The Tariko Pokemon Adventures is a Japanese-English Youtube Comedy Show posted by Tariko Kirochu, it is were her toys (portrayed by her) have fun adventures,  the bad words are blocked by bleeps at all times, she activated her YouTube Channel, ShadowAzelfOfAwesomness, by entering a fake year of birth. She made her first episode after she got her very own film camera from Ji woong and Ji min, she decided to make Pokemon episodes with her plush collection, it is rated L+ in the Prank Calls, V in nomal episodes, L in the Poke Reviews and Yo Momma Jokes.

It was ranked at numbers #24 and #1 in Riley-X (Xandra Riley)'s and GITodaro (Giuseppe Todaro)'s "200 Worst Shows of the 2010s".


Season 1Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. The Vanishing Ducklette
  3. Attack of the Zombie Pikachu
  4. Afro Circus
  5. Knockout Tepig
  6. The Meowth and Pikachu Cartoon Kit
  7. Azelf and Uxie do America
  8. Skate-boreds
  9. Swallow the Taillow
  10. Carhvanna Be Loved (by You)
  11. Spiritomb It May Concern
  12. It's Greek to Me-owth!
  13. Scared Beartic
  14. Mankey Chow
  15. A Day at the Park
  16. Skitty Cat Blues
  17. Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Plusle, and Minun watch Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
  18. Teen Pokies
  19. O-Solar Meowth
  20. Adventure in Piplup Sitting
  21. Hard to Swellow
  22. Yo Momma Jokes: Plusle vs. Mesprit
  23. Attack of the Glitches
  24. Lillipup on a Picnic
  25. The New Elekid on the Block
  26. Down Beat Beartic
  27. Black Kyurem and White Kyurem watch Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
  28. Macarena Dance Party
  29. Yo Momma Jokes: Zekrom vs. Reshiram
  30. Skitty Hawked
  31. Yo Momma Jokes: Lillipup vs. Azelf
  32. The Cat's Me-Owth!
  33. Prank Call: Duke Nukem Harrasement, (Victim(s): Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie), (Causer(s): Zekrom)
  34. Meet Sylveon

Season 2Edit

  1. Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, Plusle and Minun listen to Justin Bieber's Music
  2. Darkwing Psyduck
  3. All You Need is Luvdisc
  4. Yo Mamma Jokes: Leafeon vs. Absol
  5. I Am Buizel
  6. Cryogonal Coast
  7. Luvdisc Survives
  8. Staryu Truck
  9. Poké Reviews: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie - The Pyramid of Light
  10. Prank Call: Looking for Batman (Victim(s): Espeon), (Causer(s): Umbreon)
  11. The Look of Luvdisc
  12. Heatmor of the Moment
  13. Magby, Come to Me
  14. Beautifly and the Beast
  15. Karma Kecleon
  16. Go Corphish
  17. Whatever Happened to Magby Jane?
  18. The Ledyba in Red
  19. Lost in Luvdisc
  20. The Dark Pignite Rises
  21. Mandolin Masquerain
  22. Making Luvdisc out of Nothing at All
  23. Unova Gladiators
  24. From Hoenn with Luvdisc
  25. Ten Short Films About Ash Ketchum
  26. Let's Wait Mawille
  27. Modern Luvdisc
  28. The Heatran is On
  29. Chandelure in the Wind

Season 3Edit

  1. Yo Momma Jokes: Snivy VS. Uxie
  2. Yo Momma Jokes: Minun VS. Vaporeon
  3. The Twilight Samurott
  4. The Delcatty in the Brain
  5. Bye Bye Mankey
  6. In the Garden of Eevee
  7. The Last Samurott
  8. Luvdisc and Honor
  9. Nidoking of the Hill
  10. Homecoming Nidoqueen
  11. Spearow Hills
  12. Samurott Spy
  13. No Time for Luvdisc
  14. Sableye of the Needle
  15. Lunatone Park
  16. Go Fly a Skitty
  17. Samurott Princess
  18. To Sir, with Luvdisc
  19. They Saved Hitmontop's Brain
  20. The Primeape Woman
  21. Black Belly of the Galvantula
  22. Extreme Makeover: Hoenn Edition
  23. Slaughter Luvdisc
  24. Dead Snorunt
  25. Cubones in the Body
  26. Tough Luvdisc
  27. Beauty Vespiquen
  28. Prom Slowking
  29. The Three Little Tepigs
  30. Lotad Hill
  31. Prank Call: Newspaper Riot (Victim(s): Dialga), (Causer(s): Zekrom)
  32. Poké Reviews: Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights

Season 4Edit

  1. Yo Momma Jokes: Oshawott vs. Dialga
  2. The Consequences of Luvdisc
  3. Yo Momma Jokes: Pikachu vs. Kyurem
  4. The Great Beautifly
  5. A Bronzor Tale
  6. Yo Momma Jokes: Sentret vs. Tepig
  7. Blue Tornadus
  8. Crazy/Beautifly
  9. Yo Momma Jokes: Arceus vs. Zigzagoon
  10. Snorunt Falling on Cedars
  11. Yo Momma Jokes: Flareon vs. Rattata
  12. The Ignorant Clefairys
  13. Evening Bellsprout
  14. Cryogonal of Battle
  15. Red Ninetales
  16. Bridge to the Sunkern
  17. The Flechlings and the Spearows
  18. Yo Momma Jokes: Jolteon vs. Golduck
  19. The Adventurer of Torterra
  20. The Deerling Hunter
  21. Face in the Masquerain
  22. The Fifth Spheal
  23. Yo Momma Jokes: Palkia vs. Giratina
  24. The Amazing Pancham Adventure
  25. Eat, Pray, Luvdisc
  26. Bright Staryu
  27. Goldeen of Rome
  28. Dragonite Seed
  29. How Sleep the Braviary
  30. Don't Cry, It's Only Thundurus
  31. Yo Momma Jokes: White Kyurem vs. Azelf
  32. Yo Momma Jokes: Black Kyurem vs. Uxie
  33. Yo Momma Jokes: Kyurem vs. Mesprit
  34. Prank Call: You Kicked My Dog (Victim(s): Kyurem), (Causer(s): Reshiram and Mesprit)
  35. Prank Call: Running Refrigirator? (Victim(s): Black Kyurem), (Causer(s): White Kyurem)
  36. Prank Call: Air Freshener Running (Victim(s): Snivy), (Causer(s): Azelf (With Uxie and Mesprit))

Season 5Edit

  1. Team Lake watch Pewdiepie
  2. Puff the Magic Dragonite
  3. The Durant Bully
  4. Beartic Tale
  5. Dragonite
  6. Babe: Grumpig in the City
  7. The Meowth from Outer Space
  8. Glameow People
  9. Puff the Magic Dragonite in the Land of Living Lies
  10. Sevipers on a Train
  11. The Delcatty Returns
  12. Delcatty's Eye
  13. Age of the Bagons
  14. The Country Beartics
  15. Corphish Hooks
  16. Madame Beautifly
  17. The Vulpix and the Growlithe
  18. March of the Piplups
  19. My Little Ponyta: Friendship is Magic
  20. Ekans on a Plane
  21. Pete's Dragonite
  22. Hello Skitty
  23. Dumbo the Flying Donphan

Season 6Edit

  1. Planet of the Primeapes
  2. Yo Momma Jokes: Espeon vs. Articuno
  3. Snorunt Country
  4. Vulpix Pop
  5. A Tale of Two Skitties
  6. Yo Momma Jokes: Alakazam vs. Entei
  7. Eye of the Raikou
  8. Hobby Horsea Laffs
  9. Seven Samurott
  10. The Pebble and the Piplup
  11. I've Told Ev'ry Little Staryu
  12. Naked Sunflora
  13. Baltoy Town Hall
  14. Blastoise Beats Hare
  15. Buddy's Ponyta Express
  16. A Staryu is Hatched
  17. The Piplup Parade
  18. Our Luvdisc
  19. Serenade of the Bellsprout
  20. East of the Sunkern
  21. Serenade in Swablu
  22. Dig a Ponyta
  23. Baltoy Trouble
  24. My Favorite Psyduck
  25. the Henpecked Golduck
  26. Immortal Luvdisc
  27. The Brave Little Woobat
  28. Alomomola Hooey
  29. Hoppip, Skiploom and a Chump
  30. The Bug Pokémon Parade
  31. The Draft Horsea
  32. Watch Out Crimson Golbat
  33. Luvdisc and Curses
  34. Eevee, Sylveon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Flareon, Leafeon and Jolteon React to 2 Girls, 1 Finger
  35. That Lucky Old Sunflora
  36. No Other Luvdisc
  37. Pignites in a Polka
  38. Swinging on a Starmie
  39. The Roserade of Success

Season 7Edit

  1. Sharpedo Tale
  2. Skitty Kornered
  3. Bugs Buneary and the Three Beartics
  4. Wise Quacking Psyduck
  5. How to Train Your Dragonite
  6. Daffy Golduck Hunt
  7. Blastoise Wins by a Hare
  8. Fin'n Delcatty
  9. Chaser on the Solrock
  10. An Exeggcute Scramble
  11. Bunker Hill Buneary
  12. A Beartic for Punishment
  13. The Princess and the Politoed
  14. Yo Momma Jokes: Mightyena vs. Zapdos
  15. Golduck Tales
  16. A-Crobat-ty Buneary
  17. Big Top Lopunny
  18. Horsea Hare
  19. Mutiny on the Lopunny
  20. Scaredy Delcatty
  21. Snorunt Business
  22. Fennekin by Proxy
  23. A Cubone for a Cubone
  24. Chow Houndour
  25. Psyduck Amuck
  26. Mareep Ahoy
  27. Too Hoppip to Handle
  28. Bewitched Bunnelby
  29. Sandile Tears
  30. Don't Give Up the Mareep
  31. Bugs Buneary Nips the Nips
  32. Hoppip and Go

Season 8Edit

  1. An Omastar is Bored
  2. Sneasel Stop
  3. Hoppip, Hurry!
  4. The Delcatty's Bah
  5. Big House Lopunny
  6. Gone Zubatty
  7. Sneasel While You Work
  8. Baby Buggy Buneary
  9. Hollywood Arcanine Canteen
  10. The Litleo King
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles
  12. The Swanna Princess
  13. 8 Ball Bunnelby
  14. Weepinbel Hoppy
  15. Pop Goes the Buizel
  16. Baton Buneary
  17. Sleeping Beautifly
  18. My Buneary Lies Over the Sea
  19. Mega Carvanha
  20. Hoppip Go Lucky
  21. Broomstick Lopunny
  22. Buneary Hugged
  23. Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie React to 2 Girls, 1 Cup
  24. Pat the Buneary
  25. The Great Tepig-gy Bank Robbery
  26. The Eager Bidoff
  27. Murkrow-ing Pains
  28. Plop Goes the Sneasel
  29. What Makes Daffy Golduck?
  30. Cubone Sweet Cubone
  31. Bucaneer Buneary
  32. Daffy Golduck Slept Here
  33. Golduck Dodgers in the 32 1/6 Century
  34. Swellow the Leader
  35. Bye, Bye Swablu
  36. Bugs Buneary Rides Again
  37. Hippety Hoppip
  38. Kit for Delcatty
  39. Beartic Feat
  40. Hoenn Sweet Hoenn
  41. Hot Cross Buneary

Season 9Edit

  1. Yo Momma Jokes: Moltres vs. Virizon
  2. Easter Ducklette
  3. Plane Arcanine from Outer Space
  4. Skuntank you Very Much
  5. Horsea Fathers
  6. Hush, Hush Sweet Charmander
  7. Yo Momma Jokes: Glaceon vs. Cobalion
  8. A Sunbonnet Swablu
  9. Talk it Up Lillipup
  10. Rotom Knows Best
  11. The Great Grape Primeape Show
  12. Hoppip to It
  13. The Ski Buneary
  14. The Egg and Meowth and Pikachu
  15. The Lost Ducklette
  16. Horsea Collared
  17. Dough for the Doduo
  18. Goldeen Fever
  19. Attack of the Ninja Zigzagoon
  20. Beartics and Combees
  21. Cubchoo Scout Boo-Boo
  22. Pikachu's Nephew
  23. Lillipup Plays Pop
  24. Spoinks and Boinks
  25. A Houndour for Trouble
  26. Cruise Skitty
  27. The Night Watchog
  28. In Search of the Ninja Zigzagoon
  29. Delcatty Got Your Luggage?
  30. The Litleo's Busy
  31. Psyduck Supped
  32. Dancing Pangoro
  33. Skitty Hawk Skitty
  34. Out of Luck Ducklette
  35. Ninja Zigzagoon, the Final Shogun

Season 10Edit

  1. Deep Sea Skrelp
  2. What's Hoppip, Doc?
  3. Caveman Inkay
  4. Beach Bunnelby
  5. Bugs Buneary's Howl-Oween Special
  6. Zubat's What I Like About the South
  7. Little Pancho Vanillite
  8. The Bashful Mandibuzz
  9. Goldeen in Slow Motion
  10. Yo Momma Jokes: Suicune vs. Mew
  11. The Magic Servine
  12. How Bugs Buneary Won the West
  13. The Thrifty Tepig
  14. Bugs Buneary's Mother's Day Special
  15. Playful Pelliper
  16. Bugs Buneary Mystery Special
  17. Pikachu's Peak
  18. Commando Golduck
  19. Attack of the Shroomish People
  20. A Staravia Pitcher
  21. The Very Hungry Little Caterpie
  22. The Karnival Elekid
  23. The Practical Grumpig
  24. The New Mespirit
  25. The Sabeleyes Have It
  26. Cubone Trouble
  27. Cured Golduck
  28. Zubat-man Begins
  29. Victini Vehicles
  30. Bugs Buneary's Thanksgiving Diet
  31. Chespin Chasers
  32. Goodbye Mr. Venemoth
  33. The Little Litleo Hunter
  34. Timburr

Season 11Edit

  1. Arcanine Caddy
  2. Little Brother Rattata
  3. Bugs Buneary's Wacky Christmas Tales
  4. (blooper) Buneary
  5. Daffy Golduck and Exeggcute
  6. The Wailmers
  7. Golduck Dodgers and the Return of the 32 1/6 Century
  8. Brother Ursaring
  9. Kung Fu Pancham
  10. Corphishin' Around
  11. Bugs Buneary's Valentine
  12. Andy Spinda Goes Fishing
  13. Murkrow Crazy
  14. Zigzagoon Dawg
  15. Geodude Golduck
  16. Combee at the Beach
  17. Bugs Buneary's Mad World of Television
  18. Corphish Fry
  19. The Goldeen Touch
  20. Peculiar Piplups
  21. Scatterbug Follies
  22. Bugs Buneary's Wild World of Sports
  23. Arcanine Commandos
  24. Bugs Buneary's Bustin' Out All Over
  25. Dizzy Skitty
  26. Beedrill on Guard
  27. Swablu Rhythm
  28. Bugs Buneary in King Arthur's Court
  29. The Sneezing Weavile
  30. Nutty Pineco Cabin
  31. Plusle and Minun's Rescue Rangers
  32. Combee Movie
  33. Ōgon Swoobat

Season 12Edit

  1. Nit-Witty Skitty
  2. A Starly is Bored
  3. Pikachu and the Goldeen
  4. Daffy Golduck for President
  5. The Sword of Houndoom
  6. Love That Lillipup
  7. Tracey and the Seel
  8. The Mankey King
  9. Push-Button Skitty
  10. Southbound Ducklette
  11. Baby Tympoles Look for their Mother
  12. That's My Lillipup!
  13. Tepigs and Bettleships
  14. The Phantom Radipash
  15. The Most Beautifly
  16. Skitty Foiled
  17. Snorunt Trail
  18. Invasion of the Buneary Snatchers
  19. Ninjask Scroll
  20. Slicked-Up Lillipup
  21. The Legend of the White Servine
  22. The Daughter of the Samurott
  23. The Little Goldeen
  24. Downhearted Ducklette
  25. Mrs. Ledyba
  26. The First Taillow
  27. What's Buzzin, Mandibuzz?
  28. Lucky Psyducky
  29. The Beartic that Wasn't
  30. Hic-cup Lillipup

Season 13Edit

  1. Yo Momma Jokes: Keldeo vs. Umbreon
  2. Plusle and the Minun
  3. The Deadly Beedrills
  4. Poké Reviews: I Know Who Killed Me
  5. Grumpig in the City
  6. Woos Whooper
  7. Meowth and Pikachu: A Nutcracker Tale
  8. Christmas Eevee
  9. Yo Momma Jokes: Terrakon vs. Raikou
  10. Summer of the Mankeys
  11. The Revenge of Skitty Galore
  12. The Litleo in Winter
  13. World Lillipup
  14. Snorunt Excuse
  15. Portrait of the Artist of a Young Buneary
  16. Lopunny and Claude
  17. Corphish and Slips
  18. A Mareep in the Deep
  19. Fast Sawsbuck Psyduck
  20. Baltoy Tinkers
  21. I*N*F*E*R*N*A*P*E
  22. Bugs Buneary's Christmas Carol
  23. Superior Golduck
  24. Bugged by a Combee
  25. Zoom at the Hitmontop
  26. The Nght of the Living Psyduck
  27. Chimchar
  28. All Watchogs Go to Heaven
  29. Silver Bellsprouts
  30. Uh-Oh, Tynamo
  31. A Plusle and the Minun Christmas
  32. That Darn Delcatty
  33. Free Wailmer
  34. Box Office Buneary
  35. Most Valuable Primape
  36. Victreebel, Book and Chandelure
  37. Santa and the Ice Cream Buneary
  38. Operation Donphan Drop
  39. Mankey Trouble
  40. The Million Dollar Psyduck
  41. The Amazing Spinda Adventure
  42. The Deadly Scyther
  43. War Horsea

Season 14Edit

  1. Watchog Gone People
  2. Hutch the Combee
  3. Poké Reviews: The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl in 3D
  4. Empire of the Durants
  5. The Happy Kricketune
  6. The Ugly Ducklette
  7. Spaced-Out Buneary
  8. The Song of Spearows
  9. Poké Reviews: Howard the Duck
  10. The Hunchkrow
  11. The Lillipup Years
  12. The Old Lady and the Pidgeys
  13. Hoothoot
  14. Undercover Skitty
  15. Entei at your Own Peril
  16. The African Litleo
  17. Combusken Little
  18. Poké Reviews: Jaws 4 The Revenge
  19. Prank Call: Pokemon Protection Services (victim(s):Youko and Kyubi), (causer(s): Keldei, Virizon, Terrakon, and Cobalion)

Season 15Edit

  1. Plusle and Minun: Curse of the Were-Mightyena
  2. Killer Croconaw
  3. The Dragonair Pearl
  4. Feed the Skitty
  5. (Hit Me) Magby, One More Time
  6. Aerodactyl
  7. Planet Arcanine from Outer Space
  8. The Good Venusaur
  9. Octillery
  10. Mega Sharpedo vs. Giant Octillery
  11. Of Pryce and Pokemon
  12. Feraligatr
  13. Das Boldore
  14. The Birthday Bagon
  15. Planet Staraptor
  16. Adventures in Bulbasaur City
  17. Octillery 2: River of Fear
  18. Totodile
  19. Breloom's Song
  20. Dragonair Storm
  21. The Beartic Giant
  22. Planet of Ivysaurs
  23. Totodile 2: Death Swamp
  24. Pokemon React to: AVGN
  25. Yo Momma: Azelf vs. Raichu
  26. Nobody likes Angelo, Giovanni, and Pietro' songs (used for payback of Angelo for making Shuttin')
  27. Poke High School Musical
  28. Pokémon Gangnam Style
  29. Skate-boreds II
  30. Viva La Pika

Season 16Edit

  1. Game Over for Noctowl
  2. Terror on Bulbasaur Island
  3. Butterfree Bridge
  4. Mad Luvdisc
  5. Cynthia Explains it All
  6. Speak No Eevee
  7. Curse of the Arbok
  8. The Noibat and the Beldum
  9. White Heatran
  10. A Golbat Divided
  11. Night of the Foretress
  12. Baltoys will be Baltoys
  13. The Big Heatmor
  14. Last Noibat on Earth
  15. Shadow of the Crobat
  16. Scorn of the Starmie Sapphire!
  17. Luvdisc Conquers All
  18. The Man Who Would Be Zubat
  19. Journey to the Center of the Crobat
  20. Poké-reviews: Action Girlz Racing
  21. Red MAGIKARP-et Worthy?
  22. In the Darkrai
  23. Remix of Luvdisc
  24. Christmas on Regice
  25. Keep Your Sableye on the Prize
  26. Luvdisc Hangover
  27. Wigglytuff Times
  28. Every Watchog Has Its Day
  29. It Looks Like a Shelmet
  30. Loudred Proud Gypsies
  31. Swampert Bride
  32. Luvdisc is a Battlefield
  33. Taming of the Sandshrew
  34. Dancing Nidoqueen
  35. The Girl with the Dragonite Tattoo
  36. Falling in Luvdisc

Season 17Edit

  1. Corphish in Tanks? No, Thanks!
  2. Primeape Trade
  3. Bile Beartic
  4. Taillow Suspension Test
  5. Intensive Grumpig Farming
  6. Mankeys and Primeapes in Space
  7. Silver Spring Mankeys
  8. Fearow Factor
  9. Behind the Yamask
  10. The Four Stages of Tentacruel-ty
  11. Great Aipom Personhood
  12. 12 Mankeys
  13. Horsea Murders
  14. Torchic Culling
  15. International Trade in Primeapes
  16. Bibarel Wars
  17. Forced Moltres
  18. Goldeen Swallowing
  19. Black Beautifly
  20. Zebstrika in the Kitchen
  21. Mightyena Baiting
  22. Horsea head mask
  23. The Mind of an Infernape
  24. A Miltank at My Table
  25. Great Infernape Research Ban
  26. Diglett Chaser
  27. Ursaring Pit
  28. Ninjask Burger
  29. Horsea-Ripping
  30. Anti-Whailording
  31. Tame Beartic
  32. Boiling Politoed
  33. Declawing of Krabby
  34. The Scalpel and the Butterfree
  35. Captive Killer Wailmers
  36. Lillipup Mill
  37. Spheal Hunting
  38. Psyduck Baiting
  39. Gogoat Throwing
  40. Hunting Watchogs
  41. Beartic Baiting
  42. Rattata Park
  43. Grumpig Bladder
  44. Meowth Organ
  45. Horsea Slaughter
  46. Emboar Hunting
  47. Tepig Wrestling
  48. Mankey Wars
  49. Huntail Life Sciences
  50. Exploding Wailord
  51. Pignite Racing
  52. Swellow Trapping
  53. Miltank Blowing
  54. Wild Horsea Preservation
  55. Meowth Burning
  56. Sharpedo Finning
  57. Zubat Bomb
  58. Vulpix Hunting

Season 18Edit

  1. Little Drummer Baltoy
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Deerling
  3. Frosty the Snover
  4. We Wish You a Marill Christmas
  5. Jingle Bell Solrock
  6. Swablu Christmas
  7. The Holly and Snivy
  8. Bring a Torchic
  9. Christmas is Luvdisc
  10. Chesto Berries Roasting on an Open Fire
  11. Wrap Me in Your Luvdisc

Season 19Edit

  1. Quiverwing Psyduck
  2. V for Victini
  3. Squirtle Factory
  4. Ivysaur Falls
  5. Shroomish Water Drop
  6. Swanna Boats
  7. Beartic Trax
  8. Pelliper Pond
  9. The Phanpy
  10. Flying Squirtles
  11. Thunderus Alley
  12. Duckette Pond
  13. L'il Squirtle Children's Slide
  14. Typhlosion
  15. Extreme Slide called the Bonsly
  16. Sharpedo Rapids
  17. Sea Ekans
  18. Charmander Bay
  19. Sandile Beach
  20. Dratini Island
  21. Pumpkaboo Patch
  22. Falling Omastar
  23. Octillery Racer
  24. The Staryu Flyer
  25. Kakuna Bay
  26. Totodile Isle
  27. Screamin' Woobat
  28. Avalugg
  29. Glalie Run
  30. Staryu Cove
  31. Croconaw Run
  32. Snorunt Shoe Falls
  33. Black Arbok
  34. Tornadus
  35. Boogie Beartic Surf
  36. Tympole Island
  37. Danny the Dragonair
  38. Sea Dragonite
  39. Kakuna Waves
  40. Bulbasaur Pool
  41. Air Murkrow
  42. Starmie Light Arcade
  43. Dragonite Coaster

Season 20Edit

  1. Teddiursa Picnic
  2. Meloetta Time
  3. Air Budew
  4. Poison Snivy
  5. Never Smile at a Totodile
  6. So Farfetch'd, So Good
  7. That's the Spritzee!
  8. Born to Make You Happiny
  9. So Deerling to My Heart
  10. Venusaur de Milo
  11. The Grumpig Got Up and Slowly Walked Away
  12. Hoenn for a Rest
  13. The Meowth Came Back

Season 21Edit

  1. Boll Weedle
  2. I Want a Hippopatus for Christmas
  3. Corphish Heads
  4. The Delphox (What does the Delphox Say?)
  5. Dead Stunky
  6. Black Masquerain
  7. Rhythm of the Masquerain
  8. Victini March
  9. Swablu Day
  10. War Tepigs
  11. Delta Sunflora
  12. Act of Luvdisc
  13. A Magby's Prayer
  14. Drunk in Luvdisc
  15. Ballad of Ash Ketchum
  16. Go, Cubchoo, Go
  17. Viva la Roselia
  18. I Love Trubbish
  19. One Pound Corphish
  20. Smoke on the Water Pokemon
  21. Jerusalem of the Golduck
  22. Every Man of a Kingdra
  23. Swablu Moon
  24. Wishing You Happiny and Prosperity
  25. The Swablu and Golduck March
  26. Take Meowth to the Ball Game
  27. Luvdisc Won't Let Me Wait

Season 22Edit

  1. Pound Houndour
  2. Scared Beartic
  3. Houndoom Manor
  4. Get Along, Little Pikachu
  5. Rootin' Tootin' Slowbro
  6. Knockout Grumpig
  7. No Pewter City Museum Peace
  8. Northern Light Corphish
  9. 24 Karat Meowth
  10. Franken Skitty

Season 23Edit

Season 24Edit

  1. Little Ducklette
  2. Texas Meowth
  3. Pikachu's Diary
  4. Love Me, Love My Zebstrike
  5. Cast Away Meowth
  6. Pika Hood and His Merry Meeces
  7. Meowth the Babysitter
  8. S.O.S. Ninjask
  9. Pikachu and the Pyroar
  10. Perky the Corphish Pinching Piplup
  11. Meowth and Pikachu in the Hollywood Bowl
  12. Ponyta Express
  13. Sleepy-Time Meowth
  14. Kricketot Watchers
  15. DJ Pikachu
  16. Slowbro Antonio
  17. Pikachu's Mother
  18. Meowth's Terror
  19. The Durant Attack
  20. Here's Sandshrew in Your Face
  21. Meowth and Pikachu Kids
  22. Scrub-a-Dub Meowth
  23. High-Speed Houndour
  24. Twelve Angry Mareep
  25. The Corphish That Shoulda Got Away
  26. Meowth's Double Trouble
  27. Sing Along with Slowbro
  28. Pikachu and the Beanstalk

Season 25Edit

  1. Brenda's Got a Magby
  2. Last Togekiss
  3. Zubat Out of H***
  4. Thundurus Road
  5. Little Poll Chatot
  6. Black Regice
  7. Cherubi Rock
  8. Warm Skitty
  9. Setting Fire to the Masquerain
  10. The Beartic Went Over the Mountain
  11. Little Bunnelby Foo Foo
  12. White as Snorunt
  13. Mankey Gone to Heaven
  14. Dance Me to the End of Luvdisc
  15. Eggs and Marowak
  16. Morning Budew
  17. Pretty Poliwag
  18. Fire and Masquerain
  19. Pink Turns to Swablu
  20. The Perfect Togekiss
  21. Black Hole Sunflora

Types of EpisodesEdit

Yo Momma JokesEdit

This is were two Pokemon engage in a Yo Momma contest, the referee is White Kyurem unless she is in a Yo Momma fight, Pikachu takes her place in this.


This is were the Pokemon tell their opinions on badly-recieved movies, games, and books.

Pokemon React toEdit

This is were the plush crew react to funny, unfunny, weird, or disgusting things

Normal EpisodesEdit

This is were the episodes continues normally

Prank CallEdit

This is were a member of the crew prank call another, it ends went they get angry, these kinds of episodes are rated L+ on YouTube, it is the highest rated kind.

Viva La PikaEdit

This is where Pikachu plays antics on other plushies.

Viva La EeveelutionsEdit

This is where Team Eon (Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon), Espeon, Umbreon and Team Snowy Grass (Leafeon and Glaceon) peform antics, it is very similar to Viva La Pika.

Ask the Poke-HeroesEdit

Ask the Poke-Heroes is where the plushes as cartoon characters are getting asked questions from Youtubers, the teams can be a trio, quad, or a duo


Team Beasts: Entei (male), Suicune (female) and Raikou (male)

Team Lake: Azelf (male), Uxie (male) and Mesprit (female)

Team 5 starters: Tepig (male), Snivy (male), and Oshawott (male)

Team Yin-Yang: Reshriam (female), Zekrom (male), and Kyurem (male)

Team Wuji: Black Kyurem (male) and White Kyurem (female)

Team Universe: Arceus (male), Dialga (male), Palkia (female), and Giratina (female)

Team Electric Cheeks: Plusle (female), Minun (male) and Pikachu (male)

Team Eon: Vaporeon (female), Jolteon (male) and Flareon (female)

Team Furry: Lillipup (female), Rattata (male), Sentret (male) and Zigzagoon (female)

Team Quackers: Psyduck (male) and Golduck (male)

Team Shadow: Mightyena (male), Absol (female), and Umbreon (male)

Team Light: Alakazam (female), Mew (male), and Espeon (female)

Team Musketeers: Keldeo (male), Virizon (female), Cobalion (male), and Terrakon (male)

Team Snowy Grass: Glaceon (female) and Leafeon (male)

Team Birds: Moltres (male), Zapdos (male) and Articuno (female)

Team Vulpes: Youko the Vulpix (male), Kyubi the Vulpix (female)

Team 6 gen: Chespin (male), Froakie (female), and Fennekin (male)

Team XYZ: Yveltal (male), Xerneas (female), and Zygarde (male)


  • There was some confusion about Snivy's gender due it having a elegant feminine appearance, and Tariko finally said it was a male in Attack of the Zombie Pikachu due to most starter Pokemon being males and having a rare chance of being a girl.
  • According to Tariko, she made a comment saying "I'M BACK EVERYONE! THE SERIES MIGHT NEVER END!"
  • The swears are always censored.
  • The Gadadhara Bobbalu Hotel has a custom cable in every apartment, with all channels, even the On Demand. Gadadhara Bobbalu refused to give the show any burn in any channel.


The show recieved a favorable review from Ji woong, who was Tariko's brother from South Korea said "It's like our show, but with Pokemon Dolls." After 10 seasons, the channel had recieved the billionth view. The show recieved mostly mixed to positive reviews.

The show recieved exceedingly negative critical reviews from teachers in Gadadhara Bobbalu School, especially from Joshua Juritin, Giuseppe Todaro, John Jamie, Kazuki Samo, Xandra Riley, and of course, Jennifer Sitconfiver. Due to its immature content and negative critical reviews, since Gadadhara Bobbalu's hotel has an own cable, along with a customized channel, Gadadhara stated that The Tariko Pokemon Adventures will never be getting any burn by the customized channel.

Tariko blocked Giuseppe from her YouTube account.

Chart performanceEdit

Season 1Edit

Tariko's Pokemon Adventures debuted at number 51 on the WatchFlame chart and 7 on the WatchFlame Streaming chart. The following week, the show fell to number seventy-seven on the WatchFlame chart. The season peaked at number 49 and 3 on the overall chart and streaming chart, respectively.

Season 2Edit

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