[Team Terrific 10 is taking a walk in a neighborhood in Supernannya]

Toshio Samo: "" (Translation: "It's just so peaceful being on a walk.")

Shika: "" (Translation: "I know, right, Toshi-kun? It's relaxing.)

[Another Nicole sees a Barbie doll tied on top of a pitbull's doghouse]

Another Nicole: "Squee! I want that cute Barbie doll!" (Runs up to try to retrieve it)

Marilou: "No! You can't have it! It's not yours!"

Another Marie Lara-Rutter: "바비 인형 빨아, 또 다른 니콜, 그만!" (Translation: Barbies suck, Another Nicole, stop it!)

Another Reicheru: "" (Translation: "Marilou and Ri Min-Li are right. Stop acting like a-")

[The pitbull suddenly leaps out and attacks Another Nicole]

Another Nicole: "Help! This dog's hurting me, help!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "My goodness! Her life is at risk!"

[Cut to the pitbull still biting and scratching Another Nicole while some drops of blood emerge from her body]

Another Nicole: (squealing at the top of her lungs) "Please! Someone help me!"

Reicheru: "I'll take care of this!"

Sophie: "Be brave, Reich!"

[Reicheru flies up to the doghouse, and takes an injured Another Nicole out of the pitbull's reach]

[The rest of the team examines Another Nicole's bloody injuries as Reicheru shows her to them]

Another Giuseppe: "My god! Look at what the pitbull did to you, Another Nicole. We might as well call an ambulance."

At the HospitalEdit

Another Nicole: (in the hospital bed) "Am I gonna die?"

Marilou: "Don't worry, you're not gonna die."

[Tokiko Okina appears, offering Another Nicole some fruit and water]

Tokiko: "Here, have some fruit and water. It'll make you better."

[Toshio Samo takes out a medical kit]

Toshio Samo: "" (Translation: "I'll find the right cure for you, Another Nicole. This will make you feel better in a pinch, trust me.")

[After Toshio and Tokiko manage to cure Another Nicole]

Tokiko: "How are you feeling now, Another Nicole-san?"

Another Nicole: "I'm feeling much better. Everybody, I'm sorry for acting like a spoiled brat. I'm sorry for groping Another Giuseppe. I'm sorry for saying that boys stuff is not cute. I'm sorry for annoying you, and I'm sorry for what I've done wrong. I won't do it ever again. Pretty please, forgive me!"

Marilou: "Apology accepted."

Reicheru: "But, do not do any of that cr** again or else you're kicked out of the alliance."

Another Marie: "" (Translation: "And make sure you call me Ri Min-Li, not Marie. That way I won't be annoyed.")

Catherine: "Plus, if you have enough experience as your rank now, you can move on to the amateur rank. In order to do that, you need to behave yourself and help the alliance. OK?"

Another Nicole: "OK. I'll be a good girl from now on."

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