The Strange Change (JP: Behavior Budding) is an episode of Supernanny: The Theory Animated.


The team has suddenly realized that Another Nicole's life is at risk during a stroll around a typical neighborhood. When trying to retrieve a Barbie doll tied on a pitbull's doghouse, she suddenly gets attacked by the pitbull and receives lots of wounds. At the hospital, she worries if she is going to die. Soon after she recovered, Another Nicole apologizes for being a spoiled brat and promises that she will be a polite girly-girl from now on. She also promises not to throw tantrums or annoy other members in the alliance.


  • Another Nicole Birou-Jennings


  • As a result of Another Nicole's change in behavior, the team finally allows her to become an amateur-ranked member, though as long as she gains enough experience as a low-ranked member and doing positive contributions.

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