Preparing for the NightEdit

[we see the Munku's backyard being set up with a big screen and rows of chairs]

[Robyn, Janine, Lara, Helen, Jo-Ann, Jackie, Mandy, Michelle and Leigh are dressed in black formal cocktail dresses]

Helen: "Let's watch Breakfast at Tiffany's!"

Jackie/Jo-Ann/Janine: "Great idea!"

Leigh/Lara: "Yeah!"

Mandy/Michelle: "I like it!"

Robyn: "That's mom and dad's favorite movie and the first movie they watched together when they first started dating!"

The NightEdit

[We see the girls' friends from school, including their boyfriends]

[Some of the nonuplets' friends are being dropped off by their parents]

Leigh: "Would a double feature be good?"

Mandy: "Yeah. I think it's a good idea. We'll play Breakfast at Tiffany's and Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

Robyn: "Our brothers have better not mess up our birthday outdoor movie night."

[on the concession table, we see a chocolate Walk of Fame cake with the words, "Happy Birthday", coffee, pastries, cracker jacks, turkey and veggie rolls, popcorn, fruit punch, water, candy, cookies, nachos, fruit and dip, sodas, chips and hot dogs]

Starting the MovieEdit

[Leigh, Robyn, Mandy, Lara, Michelle, Helen, Jo-Ann, Jackie and Janine, along with their friends Susan, Alicia, Aggie, Danielle, Erin, Rachael, Valerie, Tabitha, Uma, Sylvia, Ella, Kari, Miriam, Sabrina, Gloria, Inez, Lindsay, Jessica, Natasha, Molly, Bianca, Angie, Hilary, Terri, Chelsea, Nancy and Alexis, and their boyfriends George, Daniel, Kevin, Matt, Aaron, Ray, Chris, Vincent and Jake]

[The movie is starting, but the girls are grossed out, and so are the guys]

Rachael: "Oh, my god!"

Aggie: "Like, what is totally going on?"

Chelsea: "This is, like totally disgusting!"

Hilary: "This isn't Breakfast at Tiffany's! This is The Exorcist! What is going on?"

[Michelle looks up at the screen to see a man and a woman both naked and engaged in a sexual activity]

[Robyn takes out something from the DVD player to see a porn film]

Robyn: "Some sicko put in a porn movie, for a sick joke!"

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