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Nicole: "The Malaysian vigintuplets from the Cap Family had a Flyleaf-themed party for their 13th birthday."

Ashley: "Jadi, kita perlu membuat beberapa rancangan untuk parti kita akan mempunyai untuk ulang tahun ke-13 kami. Kita akan menyambut hari lahir kita tidak lama lagi." (Translation: "So, we have to make some plans for the party we will have for our 13th birthday. We will celebrate our birthday very soon.")

The Big DayEdit

[Flyleaf's "Cassie" is playing in the background]

Nicole: "The band Flyleaf was hired to play at the party,"

[We see inflatable guitars and Flyleaf posters used as decorations]

Nicole: "It wasn't long until Dennis began to act up and ruined it."

Orla Birou: "That was not really nice at all. Oh, no."

[Dennis farts, defecates and urinates on the posters and inflatable guitars]

[Ashley and Sarah gasp]

Ashley: " " (Translation: "Oh no! He farted, pooped and peed all over the posters and guitars!")

Dennis: "He he he! This party is for whimps!"

[Dennis changes the music to The Price is Wrong by Lil Wayne]

Sarah: "Hei, Dennis Dapatkan keluar!" (Translation: "Hey, Dennis! Get out!")

Dennis: "Make me, loser!"

[Dennis runs off]

Ashley: " " (Translation: "What is he doing?")

[Dennis sets the Flyleaf posters on fire via a cigarette lighter]

Guest at party: "Quick! Someone get a fire extinguisher!"

Ji min: " " (Translation: "I'll handle this!")

[Ji min uses a fire extinguisher to put the flames out]

Dennis: "I will let all of the flies, bees, hornets, rats and many other insects all over this stupid party for whimps!"

Ashley: " " (Translation: "Dennis, no! Don't you dare do this!")

Sarah: " " (Translation: "Yeah! I agree with you, Ashley!")

[Dennis puts cockroaches, rats, ants, wasps, hornets, bees, flies, mosquitoes and beetles all over the party]

[All of the guests scream]

Sarah: " " (Translates to: "Dennis! How dare you?")


[Dennis pops the inflatable guitars]

Guest at party: "Oh no!"

Sarah: " " (Translation: "The guitars!")

[Dennis throws the water bucket at Ashley and Sarah's makeup]

[Dennis kicks Ji min in the crouch]

[Guests gasp]

Ashley: " " (Translates to: "What's Dennis doing?")

Guest at party: "I don't know! We'll see!"

[all the guests gasp]

Sarah: " " (Translates to: "Dennis NO!")

[Dennis is about to set the house on fire]

Marci: "Dennis, don't you dare!"

Dennis: "I WILL!"

Ji min: " " (Translation: "Dennis, can I have that, please?")

Dennis: "NO! You can't touch it, besides, I hate this party!"

Ji min: " " (Translation: "This is not fun and games, please give it to me!")

[Ji min confiscates the lighter]

[Dennis stomps on the cake]

Marci: "NO!"

Guest at party: "THE CAKE!!"

Sarah: " " (Translates to: "MY CAKE!")

[Dennis puts explosives on the cake]

Marci: "Dennis, don't you dare!"

Ashley: " " (Translates to: "YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR THIS!")

[all guests run away and scream]

[The cake explodes]

Party AftermathEdit


[Dennis reluctantly approaches his mother]

Dennis: "What is it, mom?"

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