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Nicole: "As a result for good behaviour, the Lara-Rutters decided to go to an anime convention, but Marie, as she is from North Korea, didn't understand."

Zoe: "As a result for changing your ways Laura, we are going to an anime convention!"

Marie: "Anime? What's that?"

Zoe: "Marie, anime is Japanese animation, don't worry, I'll help you, your South Korean friend Andrew can come along, hm, it appears that you didn't watch TV in North Korea."

Marie: "No, I did watch TV, but I usually watched those cute DPRK cartoons, especially the one with the racoon dog."

Anime conventionEdit

Weeaboo attacks MarieEdit

Nicole: "Marie bought a Sebastian doll from one of the stalls and carried it around with her, when a weeaboo named Anna squealed and ran to her."

[Marie is holding her Sebastian doll]

Marie: "Anime and manga are pretty fun!"

[Marie sees Simpsons merchandise at another stall while Laura sees Frozen merchandise at the other stall]

[A weeaboo named Anna squeals and runs up to Marie]

Anna: "Squee! Konnichiwa! How are you, desu, Are you Japanese?"

Marie: "Hello? And um--"

Anna: "OMG! Do you watch Kuroshitsuji?"

Marie: "I watched some episodes, do you mean Black Butler?"

Anna: "Then you must watch Hetalia, or else you aren't a big fan!'

Marie: "Of what?"


Marie: "What is this Hetalia?"


Marie: "I, I, I?"

Anna: "Every Japanese watches anime!"

Marie: "나는 북한 해요!" (Translation: I'm North Korean!)

Anna: "Go home you communist b****!"

Marie: "맹세, 다시 나는 거 플립 해요 내게 전화!" (Translation: I swear to god, call me that again, I'm gonna flip!)

Zoe: "Please, don't do that, she's very shy and she got hospitalized due to other kids in her school nearly beating her to death," 

Andrew: "Okay, my kimilsungia flower, Hetalia was this funny anime that got banned, in South Korea, due to the portrayal of the nation, breast grabbing and annoying, I find it really funny, perverted characters crack me up, I heard that they were going to make a North Korea character but it was scrapped."

Marie: "Okay then, I don't hate it, but, I like Scandavia And The World a lot more, joesonghabnida?"

Andrew: "They made a South and North Korea character for SATW and guess what? The North Korea character is rumoured to be a girl."

Anna: "Nani's joesonghabninda?"

[Marie and Andrew then turn to eachother]

Marie: "" (Translation: She doesn't understand what I said!)

Andrew: "" (Translation: Yeah, I'm from one of the most pro-American nations in the world and you are from the most anti-American nations, yet I still love you)

Marie: "" (Translation: My parents from North Korea don't object us being friends, because remember how your parents from South Korea have that visa to leave or go to both Koreas?)

Andrew: "" (Translation: What do you want to cosplay as next time?)

Marie: "" (Translation: Hm, I will cosplay as Scandavia and the World North Korea, and you will cosplay as the South Korea character, yes?)

Andrew: "" (Translation: Yes)

Marie: "" (Translation: But that girl, called a communist, then the B-word)

Andrew: "" (Translation: Seriously? You are North, I am South, you don't deserve this treatment)

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