[The Kisho-Green Family except Marie and Garret are packing their things]

Samuel: "We are going to Japan for a fortnight, you are staying with Great Aunt Barbara."

Garret: "Why do we have to stay at Great Aunt Slob's House? She always calls me a girl and Marie gets better presents!"

Samuel: "Because you both attacked Toshio in Nerima at Christmas, So I am not taking you to Japan."

Garret: "(bleep) you!"

Satoko: "サムエルは、私たちの飛行機は10時に出る、それが8時だ" (Translation: Samuel, our plane leaves at 10 o'clock, it's 8 o'clock)

Samuel: "Yes, I know darling."

[Samuel, Satoko and Toshio finish packing their things, while Satoko finishes packing Reiko's things]

Samuel: "Barbara will be here in a few minutes, and be on your best behavior."

[Samuel, Satoko, Toshio, and Reiko go into the car and leave]

[Barbara enters]

Barbara: "Why hello, Garrie and Martin, what wonderful girl and boy you both are, yes!"

[Garret facepalms in annoyance]

Barbara: "I got some presents!"

[Barbara pulls out a frilly pink dress, and a Call Of Duty game]

Marie: "Call Of Duty! sweet! Thank you, Great-Aunt Barbara."

Garret: "Not again!"

cut to:

[Samuel, Satoko, Toshio, and Reiko are in a plane]

Toshio: "ママたちは?、どのような区に滞在していますか?" (Translation: "Mommy? What ward are we staying in?")

Satoko: "練馬区" (Translation: "Nerima.")

Samuel: "Nerima is a ward in Tokyo, Japan."

[Toshio nods]

cut to:

Garret: "MY NAME IS (bleep)ING GARRET, NOT GARRIE!!!!!!!!!!"

[Marie giggles]

Garret: (mumbles) "Shut up Marie...."

Marie: "Want to try on your new dress?"

Garret: "C'mon!"

Marie: "Okay, the (bleep)ing game she got me was scratched..."

1 day after Satoko, Samuel, Reiko, and Toshio left for JapanEdit

[Satoko and Toshio are shopping in a Nerima Mall]

Toshio: "ママ?" (Translation: Mommy?)

Satoko: "俊夫はい?" (Translation: Yes Toshio?)

Toshio: "あなたは私をどのくらい愛していますか?" (Translation: How much do you love me?)

[Satoko stretches her arms as if she is about to hug someone]

Satoko: "このくらい" (Translation: This much)

[Satoko hugs Toshio]

Cut to:

[Great-Aunt Barbara is in the living room with Garret and Marie]

Garret: "Martin, you can watch The Grudge for a 18-year old like you, Garrie, you can watch Barney's Great Adventure for a 5-year old like you."

[Marie tries hard not to laugh, then goes upstairs]

[Garret groans]

Barbara: "Would you like a bowl of cereal?"

Garret: "Cereal?"

Barbara: "Coco Puffs, would you like a bowl? one for Garrie and one for Martin."

Garret: "That's my sister!"

Barbara: "Oh yes, please have a bowl of cereal."

Garret: "I'm not hungry and I don't eat sugared cereals!"

[Garret storms out]

Garret: "AND I'M (bleep)ING 14-YEARS OLD YOU OLD HAG!"

cut to:

[Toshio, Satoko and Reiko are at Toshimaen for swimming]

Toshio: "周りにマリーとギャレットせずとても楽しい" (Translation: So much fun without Marie and Garret around)

[Reiko baubles]

[Toshio smiles]

Samantha finds a way to improve Garret and Marie's vacationEdit

[Garret and Marie are sleeping]

[Samantha Moore arrives at the door]

[Samantha unlocks the door with a key and enters the house]

Samantha: (whispers) "I know where Marie and Garret are sleeping."

[Samantha unlocks the bedroom with a key and enters]

[Samantha quickly unlocks the door]

[Marie and Garret are screaming]

[Samantha flicks the lights on]

Samantha: (whispers) "Calm down. It's your mother, honey."

Marie: "Phew."

Samantha: (whispers) "Whisper."

Garret: (whispers) "I hate this house."

Samantha: (whispers) "Why?"

Garret: (whispers) "Great Aunt Slob always treats me like a girl and Marie gets even better."

Samantha: (whispers) "Everybody, pack your things."

1 day after Satoko, Toshio, Reiko, and Samuel left for JapanEdit

[Great Aunt Barbara dials 911 on the phone]

Barbara: " "

2 days after Satoko, Toshio, Reiko, and Samuel left for Japan Edit

8 days after Satoko, Toshio, Reiko, and Samuel left for JapanEdit

[Samantha Moore drives Garret and Marie to the Kisho-Green household]

Samantha: "So nice without Twitshio, Twitoko, Twitiko, Twituel, or Great Aunt Slob around."

cut to:

[Toshio is at a theme park]

Toshio: (Translated: "Hopefully, no one will take my dolls.")

[Toshio holds his mother's hand]

cut to:

[Marie, Garret, and Samantha are recording Ju-on: The Grudge on a cable]

cut to: 


cut to:


[The door is locked and shut tight]

[Samantha gets an expensive key and unlocks the door, but finds that Toshio's toys, books, games, and DVDs are gone]

2 minutes later

[Marie flips Satoko's bed upside down]

[Samantha flips Toshio's bed upside down]

[Garret flips Samuel's bed upside down]

15 days after Satoko, Toshio, Reiko, and Samuel left for JapanEdit

[Samantha Moore takes Garret and Marie back to the Kisho-Green house]

Samantha: "Another time, OK? Have nicer days. Bon voyage."

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