The Japanese Fox is a fanfiction by Japanlover86, it focuses on Toshio Samo's brutality towards the Todaro Japanese Vigintuplets and his day of life at the Theory base

​Chapter 1Edit

" (Get up! I SAID GET UP!)" A Japanese boy no older than six yelled, he wore a white tank top, laced boots and green pants, he then pulled one of the female vigintuplet, Ayumi by her hair, the 20 Japanese children were covered in bite marks and slashes, they looked at the Japanese boy, frightened

"Why, why are you doing this?" She asked, weakly, she looked at the boy that was the head doctor and prison warden, Toshio Samo, unlike them, he only spoke Japanese

" (You are dishonourable!)" He yelled, he then threw her against the wall

A young Japanese ghost girl, no older than six, she walked towards Toshio with curiousness

" (Toshio-san? What are you doing?)" She asked softly

" (Tokiko-chan! I'm hurting the dishonourable ones!)" He said to her

" (Okay then, See you later, Dr. Samo)" she said before walking out of the room

" (You bought great dishonour, filth! disgusting! freaks!)" Toshio yelled at them.

Toshio then picked up a male vigintuplet by the neck, he looked at Toshio Samo weakly, Toshio could see he had wet himself, he scowled at it.

" (D***it, you reek of p***! You dishonourable b****!)" Toshio said as he dropped him and held his nose in disgust. " (Get changed, you have 20 seconds to get changed, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)"

The male vigintuplet, Takumi, went to a bathroom and got changed, then came out

A female Japanese ghost around 25 came in, Sakura Shako

" (Toshio, you've got a meeting)" Sakura came in

" (I'll be right there, Toshio and Tariko Cap, you're in charge until I get back!)" Toshio said

The two Japanese Cap vigintuplets nodded at him, then he bowed at them

Then Toshio held Takumi, his brothers and sisters looked in fright

" (Listen to me you dishonourable s***, Further p***ing your pants will not be tolerated!)" he yelled before pushing him.

Toshio and Sakura once left the room

Chapter 2: MeetingEdit

"Good evening our league of ghosts, animals, families and other ner-do-wells, we're gathered here for the purpose of arresting and executing the Todaros and Gadadhara Bobbalu School teachers!" Said a Japanese ghost girl around 14 sitting on a chair.

Satoko Samo was sitting on the right hand side next to Toshio

" (How are the prisoners, Doctor?)" Satoko said to her only son, who was playing with his Shadow plush and 3DS

" (I got Toshio and Tariko to keep a close eye on them, one of them peed his pants) " he said

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