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The Insanity Inside (Styled as The iNSaNiTY Inside) is a Japanese Horror-Supernatural film starring Satoko and Toshio Samo as spirits in a high school that kills anyone who enters the basement, It's up to a bullied, shunned, high school girl, her principal, Ryou, and her mom to solve the murder case


Satoko Samo as Sakura Yoshikawa (吉川桜) ~ A mother of one who was kidnappee and killed by repeated stabs to the throat

Toshio Samo as Satoshi Yoshikawa (吉川聡) ~ A first grader who died after seeing him mom die

Sachiko Koshi as Yuka Kishi (岸由佳) ~ A bullied high school girl, who survived bullying and is heavily shunned by her female-only class, but is never bullied by males.

Akira Koma as Ryou Honda (本田亮) ~ The Akairo Academy's concerned principal who is concerned for Yuka

Emiko Kaito as Kaori Kishi (岸香織) ~ Yuka's mom.


It received positive reviews.


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