The Incineratorium is a series created by Tellyznphonezfor Adultsonly and started on July 21, 2014. Instead of using YouTube, the show is on a website.

To view any episodes, users must pay a fee with their credit card. In the US, $1 per hour, $30 per day, $1000 per month, $15000 per year, or a lifetime payment of $700000.

On July 27, 2014, Adultsonly announced by early October, he would change the fees. "This time, in the US, $2 per hour, $70 per day, $2500 per month, and $40000 per year. There will be no lifetime payment. To end the fee requires $15000 or he will report authorities. There will not be coupons, there will be no clearance. Parents can buy something for their kids to wear around their neck which represents bills, taxes, dying young, working, suffering, getting eaten, and getting flushed."


The series was poorly received by critics. Much of the Japanese and Chinese panned it due to its excessive racism and fees.

It debuted for the week ending August 9, 2014 at number 1, with an 83% advantage from the runner-up. The following week, it rose to a 119% advantage, then fell to a 109%, then a 64%, then a 31%, and as of September 13, it currently has a 12% advantage.

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