This story is a life retrospective of fraternal twins Mi-Yung and Kwang-Sun who were adopted from South Korea, Sam from Ireland, Dani from France, Mulan from China, Mario from Italy, Sami from Australia, Laila from Saudi Arabia, Anna from Russia, Rosa from Spain, fraternal twins Yoshi and Hanoko from Japan, Timothy from Wales in the UK, Hugo from Mexico, Katie from Ghana, Kim from Vietnam, Eddie from Canada and Ajit from India. This story will take place one year before their single mother Cassie adopted 5 more children from Belgium, Argentina, Hungary, New Zealand and Egypt.

Chapter IndexEdit

Part 1: Ajit, a boy adopted from India

Part 2: Eddie, a boy adopted from Canada

Part 3: Kim, a girl adopted from Vietnam

Part 4: Katie, a girl adopted from Ghana

Part 5: Hugo, a boy adopted from Mexico

Part 1 - Ajit, a boy from IndiaEdit

Ajit Apu Hattons was born in Mumbai, India on May 5, 2033.

Part 2 - Eddie, a boy from CanadaEdit

Edward Brandon Hattons was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 8, 2032.

Part 3 - Kim, a girl from VietnamEdit

Kim Lu Hattons was born in , Vietnam on November 28, 2031.

Part 4 - Katie, a girl from GhanaEdit

Katherine Dianna Hattons was born in Accra, Ghana on February 15, 2030.

Part 5 - Hugo, a boy from MexicoEdit

Hugo Gonzo Hattons was born in Cancún, Mexico on May 24, 2029.