The Con Kidnappings and Murders is a kidnapping and murder spree that killed three people that occured on June 2nd

Murder VictimsEdit

Ryo Kisho, 20, Died while cosplaying as Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji, repeated stabs to the abdomen and many of his innards removed.

Shikoki Yoshiko, 15, Died while displaying as Italy from Hetalia, eye stabbed and removed.

Satoshi Kisho Jr., 14, Died while cosplaying as Ciel Phantomhive, repeatedly stabbed in the throat and many of his vocal organs were removed.


A mysterious, male killer sneaked into a Private Anime Con, and was looking for three people to kill, first, he kidnapped Satoshi Kisho, then Shikoki Yoshiko, and then Satoshi's older brother, Ryo Kisho, then killed one by one, their dead bodies were discovered a 2 days later by police after a con-goer when she went in the basement and discovered their corpses, according to police, Satoshi was stabbed in the throat, Shikoki was stabbed in the eye many times, and Ryo was stabbed in the abdomen and had many of his innards removed, the crime remains unsolved.


After their teachers at their school and college found out they died, they held a memorial garden outside the building on the campus,


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