This transcript is found on Another vs. Normal Party: iNSaNiTY


Tickle Torture on RyoEdit

Zerbert TortureEdit

Murderer: "" (Translation: Aw, your belly is so soft, must be full of guts)

[The murder zerberts on Ryo's stomach, causing laughter]

Ryo: (laughing) "" (Translation: No! Stop! That tickles! HAHAHA! No! Stop, have mercy!)

Murderer: "" (Translation: You're so cute when you're laughing)

[A low growling noise is heard]

Murderer: "" (Translation: Aw, you're hungry? Let's keep it that way, I like the little growling noises your belly is making, It makes me want to cut your little belly open~!)

Ryo: "" (Translation: Someone please save me!)

Satoshi Jr.'s Death 

Shikoki's DeathEdit

Ryo's DeathEdit

[The murderer moves on to Ryo]

Murderer: "" (Translation: Aw, your little belly is bouncy like a water balloon, must be full of guts)

Ryo: "" (Translation: Stop! Please! No! MOM! SATOKO! DAD SAVE ME! PLEASE! HELP ME!)

[The murderer stabs Ryo in the stomach, who screams]


[Ryo screams even louder as he is getting stabbed]

[The murderer stabs Ryo in the abdomen a few more times, who screams with every stab]

5 minutes later

[Ryo's screams become weaker]

Ryo: "" (Translation: Ough, augh, ahhh, no more------)

[Ryo dies from blood loss from the stabbing, then the murderer takes out many of his organs]

Murderer: "" (Translation: Aw, Your little tummy is cut open and this is what your innards look like~!)


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