The Burns Family Children's Hideout is the Burns Family Children's secret treehouse.


The first set of quadecaplets Lucinda, Michelle, Adam, Tanya, Sarah, Graham, Stephanie, Glenn, Leah, Amy, Kathryn, Carly, Andrew and Tess Burns' room is painted red.

The second set of quadecaplets Rory, Phillip, Christopher, John, Michael, Mark, Dermot, Sean, Niall, Conor, Ben, James, Kyle and Derek Burns' room is painted orange.

The third set of quadecaplets Aine, Aisling, Claire, Eimear, Emma, Erin, Geraldine, Karen, Laura, Lisa, Niamh, Oonagh, Roisin and Yvonne Burns' room is painted yellow.

This fourth set of quadecaplets Jill, Brendan, Linda, Kerry, Malachy, Shane, Shirley, Shauna, Julie-Ann, Natalie, Russell, Paul, Ivan and Julian Burns' room is painted green.

The fifth set of quadecaplets Daniel, Finn, Darragh, Donal, Eoghan, Lorcan, Harry, David, Dwayne, Blaine, Alexander, Darryl, Robbie and Pat Burns' room is painted blue.

The sixth set of quadecaplets Edel, Amanda, Victoria, Darrien, Aoife, Clodagh, Shona, Stephen, Tyrone, Grant, Nathan, Jack, Francis and Ethan Burns' room is painted purple.


  • The treehouse was used to hide the kids from their parents Nicola and Lewis when they refuse to do something they don't like

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