The telephone for Ms.Short is <a href="tel:711-6169">711-6169</a>

This is Freddy's family verbal warnings for bad behavior.

1.Peer (nothing bad but the look)

2.Parent (the squint)

3.Nanny (The hairy eyeball (only Dad can do this) )

4.Timeout (Sit in the chair for 5 minutes)

5. Alternative Assignment (Write an essay)

6.Roommate (Go to your room and grounded for a day)

7.Suspension (Same as 6 but you're grounded for a week or more if that depends on your behavior.) 

List of presents Freddy and his siblings got:



BB Gun

Rubik's Cube

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Space Jam DVD

Jingle all the Way DVD

Max Keeble's Big Move DVD

LEGO sets

Cleveland Cavaliers hat

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes comic book

Spider-Man comic book

Thor comic book

R/C car

Battleship board game

Matt Christopher books

2006 day to day calendar (Corvette)


Xbox 360

Magic 8 Ball

$50 GameStop gift card

NHL Hockey stick

NHL 06

The Simpsons Season 1 DVD

Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith DVD

Batman Begins DVD

Pittsburgh Penguins jersey

Dilbert comic book

X-Men comic book

Iron Man comic book

NHL ice puck

Scene it? board game

Lord of the Rings book series

2006 day to day calendar (Simpsons)



Cameos Edit

20 cameos 10 for each gender

Joaquin Phoenix

Leonardo DiCaprio

Nathan Skyes

Robin Williams (deceased) as Video store clerk

Morgan Freeman


Harry Styles

Cory Monteith (however by time the DVD released,the film added a memorial to him because of his death, but it is not shown on Netflix on Demand)

Brad Pitt as Man with kid

James Earl Jones

Vanessa Hudgens

Paris Hilton

Katy Perry

Sandra Bullock


Lindsay Lohan

Kate Upton

Sarah Jessica Parker

Khole Kardashian as Video store clerk

Jennifer Ansiton

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