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Toshio: "" (Translation: In The Simpsons, I found out Milhouse's middle name, guess what it is?)

Tokiko Okina: "Let me guess, Mussolini...."

Toshio: "" (Translation: It's funny because it's true!)

[A woman comes in]

Woman: "Hello children! I'm here to sort out naughty behavior!"

[Shika, Tariko Cap, Hanako Shaki, Toshio, and Tokiko Okina surround her with a bayonet knife]

Woman: "Oh, no, no, no, Little kids can't play with dangerous toys, give them to me. I'm replacing them with plushes."

Toshio: "" (Translation: Ma'am! This is private property! We don't let civilians in here! We can use whatever we want!")

Woman: "I'm Ms. Podding, I will sort out naughty behaviour."

[Toshio goes to the prison area]

Toshio: "" (Translation: Get up! Dishonourable ones!)

Ayumi: "Why?"

[Toshio then goes up to the vigintuplets then violently hits them, screaming is heard]

Ms. Podding: "Oh my! What's going on?!"

[Ms. Podding runs to the prison area, and finds Toshio with the battered Japanese Todaro vigintuplets]


[Ms. Podding goes down to Toshio's height]

Ms. Podding: "Oh no, little boy, don't hurt these kids, what did they do to you?"

[long pause, then Toshio picks up a phone]

Toshio: (on phone) "" (Translation: Intruder! Intruder! Prison Area V-17, I repeat Prison Area V-17!)

[A few minutes later, the commanders and other high-ranked members arrive]

Reicheru: "Sophie, I thought this place was off-limits to civilians or people that are not apart of this team."

Sophie: "I know what I'm doing, Reich."

[Tokiko Shako facepalms]

Tokiko Shako: "" (Translation: I need new security cameras, how in the holy mother of Japan did she get in here?)

Ms. Podding: (to the Japanese children) "You kids, here's your routine: First, play outside and have fun. Second, watch some Arthur, The Puzzle Place, Sesame Street, and Blue's Clues. Finally, play Candyland."

Toshio Cap: "" (Translation: We only take orders from the head doctor and our commanders!)

Toshio Samo: "" (Translation: I do not take orders from you, or anyone else except mother and father, and my commanders)

[Tariko Cap gets out a bayonet]

Tariko Cap: "" (Translation: LONG LIVE THE GREAT MEDICAL DOCTOR!)

[Ms. Podding tries to take the bayonet, only for Tariko to point it near Ms. Podding's face]

Another Marie: "" (Translation: I'll handle this! Doctor, medics, Go! You all as well, I'll shoot her and Toshio and vivisect her organs for medical purposes)

[Another Marie takes out a Type 58 assault rifle an points it at Ms. Podding]

Another Marie: "" (Translation: Get out, before I shoot you in the head, Firing squad! Cap North Korean and South Korean vigintuplets, now!)

[The North and South Korean vigintuplets arrive]

Marie: "I forgot to mention, Another Andrew controls the South Korean firing squad and the same for Ri Min-Li and the North Korean firing squad."

Another Marie:"" (Translation: Kill them, Kill the woman!)

Ji-Min Cap: "Yes, Ri Min-Li."

Marie: "She also doesn't like getting called Marie and likes being called Ri Min-Li, her North Korean name."

Ji-Min Cap: "How come?"

Ms. Podding Meets Her MatchEdit

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