The Behavior-Sorter (JP: Cruelty Crusher) is an episode of Supernanny: The Theory Animated


A woman who claims she's the "Behavior-Sorter" visits the team. She annoys Toshio Samo because she wants him and his medical team of 4-7 year olds to do kid friendly things like playing outside, playing kid-friendly board games, doing arts and crafts, watching kid's programs such as Blue's Clues and not performing cruel methods on his favorite "toys to kill" The Japanese Todaro vigintuplets, or removing body parts. What is the young head doctor going to do? Can he save the day and stop his allies from doing babyish activities (from his point of view)?


  • Toshio Samo
  • Tariko Cap
  • Toshio Cap
  • Tokiko Okina
  • Tokiko Shako
  • Hanako Shaki
  • Shika Koshi
  • Ayumi Todaro
  • Marie Lara-Rutter
  • Ri Min-Li
  • Ji-Min Cap
  • Sophie the Otter
  • Reicheru the Yokai Spirit
  • Catherine the Spellcaster
  • Ms. Podding


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