Nicole: "The Australian vigintuplets from the Cap Family celebrated their 4th birthday by having an Adventures of the Little Koala-themed party in honor of the anime's 50th anniversary."

[Adventures of the Little Koala music is playing in the background]

Marci: "Look guys, there are your friends Susie, Macy, Margaret, Dora, Walton, Timothy, Crandall, Olivia, Candice, and Sunshine!"

Bindi: "G'day, mates. Welcome to our party. We all hope you enjoy it!"

Sunshine: "Alright! This is gonna be a blast!"

Walton: "Yeah!"

[On the buffet table, we see an Adventures of the Little Koala cake, Granny Smith apples, Pavlova, Anzac biscuits, Roobear's Eucalyptus Cupcakes, Nick and Pamie's Swedish Fish, Boomerang-shaped cookies, Kiwi's kiwifruit, Weather's sunny day yellow M&M's, Mingle's up in the clouds cotton candy, Laura's sweet eucalyptus yogurt, Betty's Koala March, Mimi and Floppy's Carrot Juice, Aeroplane Jelly, CC's, Milo, and fruit juice]

Nicole: "The children played games such as Pin the Overalls on Roobear, Musical Rocks, Mingle's Gliding Relay, Roobear Says, Eucalyptus Leaf Catch, Nick's Penguin Bowling, Pamie's Freeze Tag, Floppy's Junior Sport Tournament, Avoid the Kangaroo Brothers, Pass the Boomerang, and Koala Bingo. They all even got to watch Adventures of the Little Koala: Laura and the Mystery Egg on VHS. There was also a water slide, a Lil' Swinger Ride, a Carousel, and a Mini Ferris Wheel."

[The children are having fun on the Lil' Swinger Ride, the carousel, and the miniature Ferris Wheel]

[We see Tobias and his friend Timothy eating 2 boomerang-shaped cookies]

Tobias: "These cookies are delicious, don't you think?"

Timothy: "I like it too!"

[Bindi and her friend Macy are playing on the water slide]

Marci: "Who's up for Pin the Overalls on Roobear?"

Guests and the Australian vigintuplets: "We all are!"

Nicole: "Bad things happen. Celine and Dennis are about to ruin it!"

[Celine changes the Advnetures of the Little Koala theme to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj]

Marci: "Who changed the music?"

Reggae: "I hated it!"

Celine: "I did!"

[Celine teases Marci]

Marci: "Celine Cap! You changed the music! Now I will punish you for this!"

Celine: "Never! So bite me and drop dead!"

Marci: "Don't insult me like that!"

[Dennis puts all of the rats and bugs on the floor]

[One of the guests scream]

Guest #1: "Bugs!"

Rhythm: "Where?"

Guest #2: "Right there! Cockroaches and rats? Ew!"

[All of the guests scream and run]

Matthew: "Uh oh!"

[Vixen screams]

Vixen: "Bugs are crawling everywhere!"

[the bees, wasps, hornets and mosquitoes sting on the other guests, causing them to scream]

Areeba: "I hate bugs!"

Chameleon: "Me too!"

Rasta: "Me three!"

Tobias: "Oh no! Look!"

[Dennis and Celine stomp on the cake]

Ellora: "No!"

Areeba: "The cake!"

[all of the guests scream and run away]

[Celine uses explosives on the cake]

Marci: "No!"

[the cake explodes]

Dennis: "The cake is good as gone! Australia sucks for now!"

[Dennis gobbles all of the food from the buffet table]

Guransh: "Dennis! Stop that right now!"

Dennis: "Make me!"

[Dennis takes off his clothes and runs around dancing]

Rasta: "Ew! Too perverted!"

[Celine beats up all of the guests]

Matthew: "I saved the cupcakes!"

[Dennis stabs a guest in the shoulder with a butter knife]

Matthew: "DENNIS CAP AND CELINE CAP! Go to your rooms and stay there! Don't come out until the morning!"

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