Tenshi Family is a fanon season 25 episode, Ola travels to Tokyo, Japan to meet the Tenshis. Seyu (37) and Hibiki (33) have 4 kids, Niko (8), identical twins Haku and Yuki (4) and Katsumi (2 1/2). Niko is well-behaved, Haku and Yuki refuse to give up their pacifiers and Katsumi pees and poops in his diapers, his 3rd birthday is coming next week. Will Ola help these Japanese kids?

Discipline Techniques: Toy Confiscation, Naughty Step (Haku and Yuki for 4 minutes) and Super Naughty Pit (Katsumi for 2 minutes)

Other Techniques: Cowboy Reward Chart (for Niko), Paci-Fairy technique, Mommy & Me and Family Time

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