Daily workoutEdit

Tellyznphonezfor: (uses a baton to point at the computer) "This is the daily workout!"

Nicole: "Unlike what they planned, Tellyznphonezfor added more people. A group of 24 was required for perfect chin-ups. The group's average age is 30."

Perfect chin-upsEdit


[Kristina and Chloe set up perfect chin-ups for Hye at the bottom, while Kiezer and Judy set up perfect chin-ups for Hye at the top]

Chloe: "Head over the bar!"

[Hye puts her head over the bar]

[Kristina and Chloe lift both of Hye's legs at the same time, then Kiezer and Judy take Hye's body upside down]

[Hye begins screaming]

[Kiezer and Judy take Hye back right side up]

Chloe: (smacking Hye) "Start over. Be quiet! Say 1."

[Hye does some chin-ups, but on the 5th one, she starts making monkey noises]

Kristina: "Hye! Start again! No animal noises!"

[Hye farts]

Kiezer: "Extra 20 chin-ups! GO!"

[Chloe uses Lysol to diagnose the smell]

[Hye pukes]

Tellyznphonezfor: "You know what? From now on, the extras should be done after the pain obstacle course! For what Hye did last, she'll owe us 60 perfect chin-ups! Agreed?"

Chloe: "Ooh, yes."

Tellyznphonezfor: "Good!"

(Hung covers Tellyznphonezfor's mouth, but Tellyznphonezfor licks Hung's hand)

Tellyznphonezfor: "Go wash your hand, now! And 30 jumping jacks!"

Kayla: "How vile and nauseating! How mean as well!"

Orla: "Yuck! Licking one's hand is just disgusting!"

Tellyznphonezfor: "Did you mean f***, lassies? Suck it up!"

[Hung runs to the sink and splashes water over the floor while washing his hands]

Tellyznphonezfor: "For that, you have now received an additional 20 chin-ups on the bar, Hung!"


Principal's officeEdit

[Hung and Hye enter]

Hung: "Yes? You called us?"

Principal: "Please sit down."

Pain obstacle courseEdit

Tellyznphonezfor: "For today, you need to throw an iron ball 25 times against the wall, knock over the pit while doing three cartwheels, take five steps back, target the punching bag while doing two somersaults, then run to the finish within 10 seconds! When you are done for the day, come to me and get your list of chores to do. Screw up even a tiny bit and you start all over. Go!"


Tellyznphonezfor: "Hung and Hye, go and clean the gutter; Ba Tu, mop the floor!"

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