Nicole: "The crew consists of a jury of 45, and 24 lead exercise makers, making 69 total, including Tellyznphonezfor. The average age is now 34."

Tellyznphonezfor: "B***hes! Today is exercise Friday! You will exercise tons! For today, 5 lunging laps, 5 bunny hopping laps, 5 crabwalking laps, 5 bearwalking laps, 160 perfect push-ups, 125 burpees, 300 jumping jacks, 20 staircase running laps, 20 staircase bunny hopping laps, 5 staircase suicide laps, 100 perfect chin-ups, 100 perfect dips, 100 a** hits, 40 perfect wall pushes, 30 perfect sit-ups, 60 perfect jump-ups, 400 lb. on Step Up and Lift Up, Iron Ball Against the Wall 60 times, and Wrecking Ball Against the Wall 60 times! No checkpoints, everything in order! Screw up even a tiny bit and you start everything over! Three strikes and you do it after school! We will be training you slackers for the Olympics, and we will make Olympic gold medal winners out of you yet!"

[The clip ends and takes the viewer(s) to the menu with the option of watching how each adopted child does the workout under the words "CHOOSE A CHILD". There's also a back button that gives the option to refrain from going on. This is also repeated for the adopted children.]


[Aki sees a poster for the upcoming Olympic Events in Toronto]





[Vanida vomits]






A** hitsEdit

Nicole: "Special thanks to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda, the a** hits is introduced."

[Hye is leaning on a desk with her hands]

Chloe: "A** in front so I can strike it!"

[Hye bends her body like a right angle to put her center in reach]

[Chloe repeatedly punches Hye's center]

Chloe: "Say 1!"

Hye: "1, 2, 3, 4..."

Orla: "This exercise is vile and rude!"

Hye (while Kristina is shaking her own center in front of Hye's face): "23, 24, 25, 26..."

Kayla: "STOP THIS! OMG!"

Hye: (while Kristina is walking across her body) "55, 56, 57, 58, 59..."

Toshio: (Translation: Now I'm afraid of exercising...)

Hye: "98, 99, 100..."

Sophie the Otter: "Dear Hoohaw! I'm outta here!" (Leaves offscreen)

[Hye vomits on the floor]

Chloe: "Hye, start everything over! One more mistake and you're doing this after school! Now get back to lunging laps!"

Kayla: "Oh, really? Just for vomiting after doing this vomiting machine, you have to do all things over?"

Danielle (over intercom): "HYE! MAY I SEE YOU IN MY OFFICE?"

Kayla: "WHAT?!?! That's ridiculous!"

Lunging laps 3Edit


Ba TuEdit

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