Teddy Colliant (born September 30, 2008) is a fraternal sextuplet brother of Bryce, Nicholas, Derek, Ashley and Orla Colliant and the youngest child of John and Lisa Colliant.


He has blonde hair and blue eyes and he wears a green sweater, dark grey jeans and blue shoes.

His swim wear is his orange swim trunks

His sleepwear is his orange pajamas


Family TreeEdit


  • His full name is Theodore Joshua Colliant
  • His favorite toy is his Bearemy bear named Buddy, made at Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • His favorite dress-up is his Spiderman mask
  • His favorite book is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
  • His favorite movie is Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc.
  • His favorite holiday is Halloween
  • His favorite food is pizza
  • His favorite color is orange
  • His favorite TV shows are Rugrats, Adventure Time, and Tom and Jerry
  • His favorite candy is M&M's
  • For Halloween 2011, he was dressed up as Black Spider-Man


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