Team Terrific 10 Underwater Base is a submarine controlled by North Korean member Another Mark Lara-Rutter, also known as Ri Dae-Jung, it is a reclusive submarine that is hidden, the team use it for aquatic missions or hiding from Gadadhara Bobbalu School soldiers, they hid after all the prisoners from all five camps were killed.


It is a black submarine, it is large on size, it is large enough to hold all the Team Terrific 10 commanders, guards and soldiers.

Appearance in Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

In the episode Hide! is where Ri Dae-Jung and Mei Cloud killed every prisoners before the scheduled liberation, which is responsible for Team Terrific 10's higher death tolls.

Its second appearance is in Origin of Our Land. The team uses it to go down to the floor of the Supernannya Sea and to recover an antique treasure chest filled with objects linked to the origin of Supernannya's establishment.


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