Team Terrific 10's Medical Of Greater Supernannya (JP: Doctor Medics of Supernannya) is a military unit in the Team Terrific 10, it is lead by Toshio Samo, a Japanese member of the team, it specialises in human experiments, medical research, or doctoring injured members.


The Medical Unit's purpose is to perform gruesome experiments on Gadadhara Bobbalu School teachers, testing poisons or animals, or tend to injured members of the team.


The uniforms are based of Imperial Japanese Army, and Japanese school uniforms, the boy's uniform is a white coat with a tie and buttoned shirt underneath with a pair of shorts, they wear white commissar caps with a sun-like insignia on the middle, the girl's uniform is a pleated skirt, white coat with a sailor-like tie, a white coat, and buttoned shirt underneath.


  • Toshio Samo: The ringleader of the unit.
  • Tokiko Okina
  • Shika Koshi: The second-in-command.
  • The Japanese Cap Family Vigintuplets

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