Team Terrific 10's Japanese-Speaking Corps (JP: The Japanese Army of Battle Royals of Supernannya) is a military unit in the Team Terrific 10. Lead by Satoko Samo, it consists of her friends and some adult and teen Japanese members, including her relative Hideki Shako II. It originally had 200 members. It increased to 260 members during the war and 400 members in the postwar Supernannya era. It is also North Supernannya's main police force


They are based of Imperial Japanese Army uniforms. Women wear a green military jacket with a white tanktop, with a skirt worn above the knees, skin colored-tights, and short socks and black boots. Men wear a green military jacket, a white tanktop, trousers and military laced boots. Both sexes wear commissar caps or the lower-ranked caps depending on their rank. They exist in both winter and summer wear, each with a sun or star symbol. They have the logo, a sun with the kanji for 10 in the center on the sleeve.


In other languagesEdit

Mandarin (Taiwan): (Army of Foxes)

Korean: (Soldiers of the Rising Sun)

Khmer: ​កងទ័ព​ក្រហម​ស៊ុន (Army of the Red Sun)

French: Formidable équipe 10 japonaise militaire de la branche (Team Terrific 10's Japanese Military Branch)


  • Despite its name, Huizong and Meimei both work as soldiers and they are Taiwanese, making them the only non-Japanese members, likely due to their ability to speak Japanese.
  • It is the largest TT10 branch.

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