Team Bobbalu is a team formed by Gadadhara Bobbalu and his two sons in late 2010. The team created books since 2011, and other stuff. As a team, they also formed three separate television companies.

Ayarko formed Ginjosijen Control, Gadadhara formed Fajuajux Control, and Kaamil formed Luhijikquorco.

Оксана Великажінка, however, formed two censorships: XLockxBox and Freak Foor.

On April 14, 2014, Tellyznphonezfor Adultsonly joined Freak Foor to work on the dubs of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes and later on in the year, his voice roles in the dubs of Adventures of the Little Koala and Total Drama Pahkitew Island. They started with Wigstruck. He was looking forward to editing the part where Ned cries a plane of eyeballs. The part extends to four minutes while Великажінка plays unfitting music.

Supernanny: The Theory of TimeEdit

Supernanny: The Theory of Time was edited in July to August 2013. The game was originally finished in June 2013 and planned to be released in early September 2013. The three men decided to invite some friends to the team for acting in videos. Ayarko, 22, is three years married to a 25-year old Ukranian girl named Оксана Великажінка. Kaamil, 20, has a close relationship with a friend who's team username is called "LFMFAB" which stands for "Laughing For More F***ing Action Brats". The full name is "Lachlan Faolan Michael Faboless". The nationality is 25% Scottish, 25% Irish, and 50% American.

Cast and crewEdit

  • Оксана Великажінка (25) ~ Portrayer of the mothers, including Catherine the Spellcaster, and especially Nicole Birou-Jennings. Also portrays young boys. Uses her yelling voice.
  • LFMFAB (21) ~ Portrayer of the fathers. Uses his yelling voice as well. Also, he portrays Plankton and Joshua Juritin.
  • Sarojini Bobbalu (32) ~ Gadadhara's sister. Portrayer of Sophie the Otter, Xandra Riley, and Chantelle McGregor along with the other young female children.
  • Chandini Bobbalu (55) ~ Gadadhara's mother. Chandini is one of the youngest birth mothers.
  • Aatreya Bobbalu (63) ~ Gadadhara's stepfather. Aatreya married Chandini when he was 28 years old. Gadadhara's real father is the father of Chandini, who was born in 1940, and is still living.

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