Tara Parkhurst (born March 23, 2029) is the eldest child of single widowed father Sam Parkhurst.

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She has light skin, black hair in a curly ponytail and brown eyes. She wears a pink long-sleeved sweater, blue embellished jeans and white sneakers. She wears heart earrings.

Her pajamas are her One Direction pajamas and a blue dressing gown.

Her party outfit is a white dress and white heels. She wears star earrings.


She misses her mother terribly and takes her grief and pain out on her father in a violent manner.

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  • Her full name is Tara Sapphire Parkhurst
  • She receives coal for Christmas 2038
  • Her favorite color is indigo
  • Her favorite TV shows are Mew Mew Power and Ed, Edd 'n Eddy
  • Her favorite movie is Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon
  • Her favorite toy is her yellow M&M plush character
  • She is a fan of anime, Mew Mew Power and Monster High
  • Her favorite activities are playing on her laptop, drawing and watching episodes on YouTube
  • Her favorite electronic is her laptop
  • Her favorite website is YouTube, where she can go on full episodes on her favorite TV shows online and uploading videos of Tara's Dream Team Band and her GoAnimate videos
  • She has her GoAnimate account, where she creates her own videos. She created a GoAnimate family based on her family and two series called Natasha Gets Grounded and Joseph Gets Grounded.