Tara's Dream Team Band is a South African children's choir established and conducted by 10-year-old Tara Parkhurst. Tara's choir is made up of all her siblings, which are two sets of identical duodecaplets, fraternal twins and her baby brother, who are all aged from 3 to 7.

About the ChoirEdit

Meet the ChoirEdit

Conductor & Choreographer: Tara Parkhurst

Choir members: Josie Parkhurst, Laura Parkhurst, Sasha Parkhurst, Christina Parkhurst, Alexandra Parkhurst, Charlene Parkhurst, Sadie Parkhurst, Gabrielle Parkhurst, Danielle Parkhurst, Kirsten Parkhurst, Natasha Parkhurst, Rosie Parkhurst, Tim Parkhurst, Tony Parkhurst, Robbie Parkhurst, Gary Parkhurst, Lee Parkhurst, Alan Parkhurst, Pete Parkhurst, George Parkhurst, David Parkhurst, Ian Parkhurst, Stewart Parkhurst, Nicky Parkhurst, Rebecca Parkhurst, Joseph Parkhurst, Alex Parkhurst

Percussion Instruments Played by Choir Members in Some SongsEdit

Big Bass Drum: Kirsten Parkhurst

Bongo Drums: Ian Parkhurst

Cabasa: Alex Parkhurst

Chime Bars: Both sets of duodecaplets

Claves: Alan Parkhurst

Cluster Bells: Lee Parkhurst

Finger Castanets:

Finger Cymbals:

Floor Tom Drum: Sasha Parkhurst

Glockenspiel: Rebecca Parkhurst

Guiro: Rosie Parkhurst

Handle Castanets:

Handle Cymbals: David Parkhurst

Jingle Stick: Josie Parkhurst

Jingle Tap: Joseph Parkhurst

Maracas: Gary Parkhurst

Metallophone: Alex Parkhurst

Ribbon Cymbals: Tony Parkhurst

Sleigh Bells (3 Bells): Charlene Parkhurst

Sleigh Bells (5 Bells): Rebecca Parkhurst

Sleigh Bells on Handle (25 Bells): Christina Parkhurst

String Cymbals:

Tambour: Tim Parkhurst

Tambourine: Alexandra Parkhurst

Tom Boy Hand Drum: Natasha Parkhurst

Tone Block:

Tulip Block: Robbie Parkhurst

Triangle: Laura Parkhurst

Wood Block:

Xylophone: Joseph Parkhurst

Instruments Played by Both Sets of Duodecaplets in Some Songs (by Instrument)Edit


  1. Gary Parkhurst
  2. Nicky Parkhurst
  3. Laura Parkhurst
  4. Danielle Parkhurst


Bass Guitars:

  1. Ian Parkhurst
  2. Tony Parkhurst
  3. Sasha Parkhurst


  1. Kirsten Parkhurst
  2. Tim Parkhurst
  3. Lee Parkhurst
  4. David Parkhurst


  1. Stewart Parkhurst
  2. Natasha Parkhurst


  1. Pete Parkhurst
  2. Robbie Parkhurst

Instruments Played by Both Sets of Duodecaplets in Some Songs (by Team)Edit

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3

Team 4


  • Sometimes, the choir members can play musical instruments



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