Talbot Moranis (born September 14, 2012) is a fraternal triplet brother of Night and Regan Moranis and son of Willow and the late Norman Moranis.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Norman Moranis (deceased: 1977-2016)
  • Stepfather: Brian McAffee ( -)
  • Mother: Willow Moranis (1981-)
  • Brothers: Draco Moranis (2011-), Phoenix Moranis (2011-), Night Moranis (2012-)
  • Sisters: Christine Moranis (2009-), Regan Moranis (2012-), Luna Moranis (2016-)
  • Brothers-in-Law: Carter Anderson
  • Nephews: Grant Anderson, Corey Anderson
  • Aunts: Marge Wilson (1979-), Avril Wilson (1985-), Lacy Moranis (1981-), Trudy Moranis (1984-)
  • Uncles: Alberto Wilson (1983-)
  • Cousins: Robin Wilson
  • Grandmothers: June Wilson (née: Peltzer) (1955-), Moranis
  • Grandfathers: Ronald Wilson (1947-), Wilbur Moranis (1945-)
  • Stepgrandmother: McAffee ( -)
  • Stepgrandfather: McAffee ( -)


Christine Moranis - he gets along with his big sister

Night Moranis

Regan Moranis


  • His full name is Talbot George Moranis
  • His favorite food are hot dogs


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