November 30Edit

8:00 AMEdit

[A friend of Takumi Sato comes in and records a video]

[Three days after the Kazuki Sato Show channel was permanently taken down, the fan club comes in.]

9:00 AMEdit

[Several fans go to the door to the gas chamber]

Fan #1: "So that's where Kazuki--"

[Takumi throws the fan into the gas chamber, with other fans]

[Takumi closes the door and activates the gas chamber]

[Lucy deactivates the gas chamber and let's the femal fan out, while consoling her]

9:30 AMEdit

[Takumi activates a noose and a fan club member is gagging]

20 seconds later

[The fan club member is not moving or breathing]

10:00 AMEdit


10:15 AMEdit

Fan #2: "(bleep) you, Takumi. Loved Kazuki's videos."

[Takumi banishes a hunter knife straight into the fan's neck]

[Lucy and Takako call an ambulance]

10:30 AMEdit

Fan #3: "You killed Kazuki."

[Takumi banishes a combat knife straight into the fan's face]

10:45 AMEdit

Biggest fan: "I was Kazuki's biggest fan."

[Takumi beheads the biggest fan]

Lucy: "You are sick and disgusting. I hope you burn in hell."

[Lucy gets out her diamond studded katana and stabs Takumi before walking out]

Lucy: "That is karma!"

December 1Edit

[Takumi uploads the video to YouTube]

Lucy:"Time to make a public apology to all the Kazuki Sato fans."

Lucy (to the fans):" Guys, I am so so for the incident that occurred at Kazuki's house yesterday. Take I decided it would be appropriate to kill Kazuki's biggest fans. His behaviour was completely inexcusable and I'm sorry you have to hear this. He decided to behead the biggest fan, a girl named Setsuko Ayaka Kawata, throw a hunters knife into Shinji Samo's neck and throw Asuka Kudo in a gas chamber. My condolences to these families. Also I am pregnant with our first set of quadruplets who will never know their dad thanks to a heinous act of murder. I will reactivate the account tomorrow and upload all the episodes because they are on my iPad Air. If you have any questions, Kazukizons, do not hesitate to ask them as I am nearly always available. This is Lucy Yamamoto signing off.

[Lucy eyes the video]

Lucy:"HOLY (bleep)! Takumi is sicker than I thought! The katana comes out!"

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