Takako Sato (Born November 27th 2013) is the wife of Takumi Sato, the mother of the late Takashi and Kazuki Sato, and Sayaka and Cho Sato.


She has long black hair and brown eyes, she has multiple injuries on her that were caused by Takumi, she wore a long hospital gown-like dress with blood on it, she was barefoot


Takako was shy, emotional, and very teary.


  • Husband: Takumi Sato
  • Son: Kazuki Sato (2019-2037, deceased), Takashi Sato (2022-2036, deceased)
  • Daughter: Cho Sato (2033-), Sayaka Sato (2035-)
  • Son's ghost: Kazuki the Electrocution Master (2037/2012-cannot die)
  • Daughter-in-law's ghost: Reicheru the Yokai Spirit (1613-cannot die)


  • Her favorite food is sushi.
  • She enjoys horror films.

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