A list of schools Takashi has been kicked out of:

  1. American School in Japan for bullying other kids
  2. Horizon Japan International School for bringing a violent video game in school and teaching the 3-4 class how to play it.
  3. Aoba Japan International School for replacing the money from the collection plate with 18 or over movies
  4. Christian Academy in Japan for stealing money from the collection plate
  5. St. Mary's International School for showing his classmates disgusting Japanese YouTube videos
  • Takashi currently attending K. International School Tokyo
  • Cho has a Pokemon-themed nursery
  • Toshio's favorite hobbies is going to Hokkaido with his parents and siblings for a holiday
  • Yoshi enjoys Anime shows
  • Yoshi enjoys reading the Harry Potter books
  • Toshio has a 5 inch laceration across his abdomen and chest because Takashi got a knife and then stabbed him
  • The Family reside in Edo-gawa city
  • Nobuko has Epilepsy
  • Takashi makes fun of his siblings due to the following reasons below:
  1. Arata for a apple shaped birthmark
  2. Toshio for being anorexic and eating Pocky
  3. Yoshi for being named after Yoshi from Super Mario Bros.
  4. Kai for having autism
  5. Akio for having tanned skin
  6. Aki for liking Hello Kitty
  7. Shika for having Asperger's Syndrome
  8. Nobuko for wearing glasses
  • Toshio likes playing tennis with his friends
  • Toshio's favorite food are pocky sticks
  • Yoshi and Toshio are fans of Ju-on
  • Yoshi, Shika, the twins are fans of Pokemon
  • Arata and Kai do well in school and this makes Satoshi and Satoko proud
  • The twins love collecting toys
  • Aki is a fan of Hello Kitty while Akio is a fan of The Ring (Ringu)
  • List of Items that Shika received for her birthday in this episode
  1. A set of Eeveelution pokedolls (Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon)
  2. An Eevee pokedoll that was hidden below the present the Eeveelution pokedolls were in
  3. A Pikachu plush
  4. a Puffy CD
  5. A complete Pokemon diamond and pearl season
  6. A Mew Plush
  7. Pokemon black and white version
  8. a Pokemon-themed Nintendo 3DS
  9. A Plusle and Minun Plush doll
  10. A Piplup plush
  • In Christmas 2020, Takashi received nothing but coal in his stocking

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